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MUH 2019 participation sheet 4/18-4/22

by: Heya_Lanayia

MUH 2019 participation sheet 4/18-4/22 MUH 2019

Marketplace > Florida State University > Music > MUH 2019 > MUH 2019 participation sheet 4 18 4 22
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

Participation sheets from the week of 4/18-4/22
Modern Popular Music
Chris Orr
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Heya_Lanayia on Wednesday April 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUH 2019 at Florida State University taught by Chris Orr in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Modern Popular Music in Music at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 04/27/16
MUH sheet answers week of 4/18- 4/22 Worksheet: Monday, April 18- American Idol 1. What is meant by Meizel’s “collapsing of boundaries,” as seen in the show American Idol? Can you provide several examples? Meizel’s “the collapsing of boundaries” simply means doing new things that go against the norm, and beyond previously established boundaries Examples of this include the use of the American Dream narratives, having three judges, as well as the voting process. 2. How does American Idol play with ideas of the American Dream? How does the show and, particularly, its process of voting, conflate ideas of democracy with consumerism? American Idol plays with the ideas of the American Dream by using narratives as a way to gain interest and sympathy from the audience. The voting process gives the audience a voice, and allows them to invest in something they may be buying one day. Voting also guarantees a consumer market for the product. 3. How is American Idol—and reality TV in general—a reflection of a postmodern society? Reality TV in general is usually very extreme, and exaggerated, and as result goes beyond modernity and reflects/ gives a glimpse of what postmodern society will look like. 4. The fascination with Britian’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle could be interpreted as a combination of ________________ , or voyeuristic appetite for public humiliation of another individual, and the appeal of the “ _____________ ______________ ,“ or valuing innocence over experience. 5. The American Idol judges’ insistence that singers “make it their own” when covering songs for their performances reflects a desire for ____authenticity_________________ , both as a constructed identity and a commodity. th Worksheet: Wednesday, April 20 – Group Discussion (Makeup Discussion Leader) 64b: “The Real Thing—Bruce Springsteen” by Simon Frith 1. How does Springsteen construct the aura of authenticity around his public image as a rock star? Springsteen constructs the aura of authenticity around his public image as a rock star by always dressing casually, writing about everyday events, and showing genuine emotions in his songs. 2. What does Frith mean by his assertion, “Music cannot be true or false, it can only refer to convictions of truth and falsity?” How does he argue that Springsteen’s artistic image demonstrates this idea? (385) By his assertion Frith means that the music itself can’t be true or false, but instead refers to and accompanies the lyrics, which can be true or false. 3. According to Frith, how do artistic critiques of capitalism differ between American and European popular musicians? How is Springsteen’s central message distinctly American? (386-7) According to Frith artistic critiques of capitalism in among European popular musicians is conducted in terms of romanticism in a state of Bohemian disgust towards the middle class. However, among American artists there is a populist anti-capitalist view. The artist is seen as the common man, as shown through Springsteen. 4. How is Springsteen a product of the postmodern era? Springsteen is a product of the postmodern era as he portray himself as the common man, instead of using his wealth to elevate his outer appearance. This represents the postmodern era because this behavior is before the current times. Ch. 87: Lady Gaga and the Triumph of Camp 5. How is Gaga a “post-post modern” artist? According to Frere-Jones, how has she rendered the “authenticity/artificiality” debate irrelevant? Gaga us a “post-post modern” artist because she embraces the idea that the “norm” no longer exists. This can be seen in her numerous far-fetched outfits. She’s rendered the “authenticity/ artificiality” debate irrelevant as she builds her songs on top of large amounts of irony.


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