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PY 372- Week 15 Notes

by: Alexia Acebo

PY 372- Week 15 Notes PY 372

Alexia Acebo
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Notes from week 15!
PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology
William Hart
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexia Acebo on Wednesday April 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PY 372 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William Hart in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 04/27/16
PY 372- Week 15 Notes What effect might a good mood have on helping? -good moods tend to increase helping --people who find money help more --gratitude, in particular, promotes helping WHY? -think more positively of others and requests when in a good mood What effect might a bad mood have on helping? -sad mood can increase or decrease helping -children help less -adults help more -anger decreases helping in everyone WHY might sadness increase helping?  Sad= I messed up… I need to make it up  Help to get out of sad mood; support BOTTOM LINE: 1. If you need help, you have to let people know a. Let them know what you need 2. Help people a. Look for people to help b. Ask people if they need help c. Realize all benefits -Applied Social Psychology- !!Basic vs. Applied Research -differ on several dimensions 1. Purpose or intentions 2. Methodology Basic  Knowledge as an end  Looking for relationships (often casual) between variables o Concern for internal validity- ability to assert causal relations  Experiments- manipulating variables, careful control Applied  Solving social problems o Without basic research you cant have good applied and vice versa  Concerned with findings or creating treatments that produce beneficial changes  External validity is key- findings from a study apply clearly to the outside world  Ex: jigsaw classroom **often go hand in hand **not mutually exclusive, some researchers are both Social Psych & Law How much should we trust the word of eyewitnesses? 1 step where things can go wrong:  Encoding: process by which people notice and attend to info in the environment. Affects what enters memory o We struggle with encoding more than we’d think: draw a penny (heads side) identification **Not only are we generally inattentive to details, most eyewitnesses have additional problems at encoding -weapon focus -most crimes under poor conditions  Storage: The process by which people store and organize information from their environment into their memory o We can sometimes struggle with putting info in good spots  Analogy sometimes you might put your wallet/keys in a strange spot and cant find them- same idea o Hints/reminders jog our memory  Retrieval: Process by which people recall the info stored in memory o not simply recalling “what happened” o car accident, grades, etc. ~Extremes~  people can recall a wide range of events that were suggested to them but never happen o aliens, child abuse, committing crimes WHAT is retrieval? -retrieval as “mental mush” -think of dreaming with reality constraints **TAKE HOME: our memories are imperfect reproductions of “what happened”, be skeptical of your own and others’ memory  think of it as “based on the true story” How do we decide if an eyewitness is accurate? -Confidence? SC says yes social psych says NO -confident eyewitnesses are no more likely to be accurate -eyewitnesses often more confident than correct Do eyewitnesses really matter? -yes they play a huge part in the final decision (jury based) -Death Penalty- -popularabout 60% of Americans favor- lowest in years Is the death penalty a good deterrent of murder/violent crime? -probably not:  states with death penalty do not have lower murder rates  when a state enacts the death penalty, murder rates stay constant or increase  countries without the death penalty have lower crime rates Is the death penalty cheaper than life in prison?  Far more expensive Is it biased?  Some states, blacks more likely to receive it  Killers of whites are more likely to receive it  Killers of women 3x more likely


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