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Intro to Anthropology, Week 17 Notes

by: Nicole Sanacore

Intro to Anthropology, Week 17 Notes ANTH 1101 - 002

Nicole Sanacore
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Notes from the 17th week's lectures as well as chapter 12.
Intro to Anthropology
Gregory S. Starrett
Class Notes
ANTH, Anthropology, Anthro
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Sanacore on Thursday April 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 1101 - 002 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Gregory S. Starrett in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Intro to Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 04/28/16
ANTH 1101 – Week 16 Chapter 12 power – transformative capacity; the ability to transform a given situation political anthropology – the study of social power in human society free agency – the freedom of self-contained individuals to pursue their own interests above everything else and to challenge one another for dominance ideology – a worldview that justifies the social arrangements under which people live domination – coercive rule hegemony – the persuasion of subordinates to accept the ideology of the dominant group by mutual accommodations that nevertheless preserve the rulers’ privileged position bipower – forms of power preoccupied with bodies, both the bodies of citizens and the social body of the state itself governmentality – the art of governing appropriately to promote the welfare of populations within a state Lecture – April 25 age grades – a group of status grades through which age proceeds; status categories (ex. freshman, sophomore, etc.) age sets – groups of people (class of 2019, 2018, etc.) Safe Counsel – 1928 edition; sex ed manual for parents on how to discuss sex with their children jerungdu/virility – qualities inherent to men via their semen rite of passage 1. separation 2. transition 3. reincorporation/aggregation Numboolyu and Chemchi – characters in Sambia folklore explaining the origins of their initiation ceremonies myth – justifies the way things are cultural changes (ex. acceptance of varying sexual orientation or gender identity) gender identity – one’s identification with a gender category savings club – common among working women in Egypt; the women will get together and put part or all of their earnings together, and each woman gets the sum amount on a cycle (weekly, monthly, etc.); enables women to have more money to spend; accounts for 1/3 of all bankable currency in Egypt Lecture – April 27 economic production  social structure  cultural beliefs bourgeoisie – upper/middle class; controls production according to Karl Marx Marx believed that globalization would result in homogenization of culture. Kayapo – a tribe in the Amazon; exposed to gold mining on their land; one groups resists the gold miners and outside influence while the other accepts the miners but gives them rules to follow and takes a percentage of the profits made from the mines People are becoming more self-conscious about their culture and how they can use it to resist change and influence from the outside.


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