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Adolescent Psychology Notes 4/25/4/29

by: Cassie Ferree

Adolescent Psychology Notes 4/25/4/29 Psy 120-020

Marketplace > Kutztown University of Pennsylvania > Psychlogy > Psy 120-020 > Adolescent Psychology Notes 4 25 4 29
Cassie Ferree
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

We wrapped up our final lecture, these our the notes from this week.
Adolescent Psychology
Raquel Akillas
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Ferree on Friday April 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 120-020 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Raquel Akillas in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Adolescent Psychology in Psychlogy at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 04/29/16
The Adolescent User Social Changes - Change of friends – may keep friends away from family - Isolation from family – withdraw from family activities (game night, camping, vacation) - Lying to family and friends – even when there is no need to - Problems with the law - School problems – decrease interest, lower grades, truancy (not attending school), disciplinary problems Treatment 1. Detoxification Center a. Hospital setting b. Only for depressants c. Remove toxins d. Manage physical withdrawal – nausea, vomiting, sweating, tremor, racing heartbeat, breathing problems, fornication (bugs crawling under skin) e. Delirium Tremens (DTs) – from alcohol withdrawal, can cause seizures f. Duration: 3-5 days (for most) 2. Rehabilitation Center a. Counseling/therapy b. Inpatient – they sleep there, live there, can be expensive c. Outpatient – they go only for a couple hours a day/night, live at home d. Duration: 21 days - 2 years e. Drugs retard emotional growth f. Learn to handle emotions g. Life skills 3. Continuing Care Program a. Emotional support b. 1 year – life c. Church, Synagogue, hospital, community center d. Free to attend e. Alcohol Anonymous f. Narcotics Anonymous Support Group for Family - Al-Anon – for friends and family of alcoholics, follow the 12 step program, world wide - Alateen – Al-Anon for teenagers - Nar-Anon – 12 step program, for friends and family of drug addicts Prevention Programs - Failed programs – raising the drinking age, educating about the health risks, self- esteem programs, how to handle peer-pressure - Successful programs –combine a variety of programs in school, family, and through media, early intervention, peer lead programs, raising awareness of how many peers do not use, Impulse Control Disorders - Problems with self-control of emotion and behavior - Begin in childhood/adolescence - Experience tension and arousal before act - Feel excitement, gratification, release while doing the act - Becomes a compulsion - May or may not feel guilty afterwards Intermittent Explosive Disorder - Verbal aggression - Physical aggression to property, animals, people - Out of proportion to stressor - No damage or injury - Must last at least 2x week and go on for at least 3 months in a row - “Ticking bombs” Kleptomania - Steal – not needed for personal use or monetary value - Not done out of anger or vengeance - They do it for the adrenaline rush - Tense before the theft - Pleasure or relief during the theft - Stress brings it out - More than once Pyromania - Enjoy to set fires - Deliberate fire setting - More than once - Pleasure or relief in watching the fire - Not done for monetary gain, political expression or to hide evidence


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