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Civil War; Behind The Lines

by: Kaylin Wallen

Civil War; Behind The Lines HY 103

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > History > HY 103 > Civil War Behind The Lines
Kaylin Wallen
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

Dr. Brasher Test 3
American Civilization to 1865
Dr. Brasher
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylin Wallen on Sunday May 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 103 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Brasher in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see American Civilization to 1865 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 05/01/16
Civil War; Behind The Lines 3 reasons why (apart from the battles) that the South lost the civil war I. Loyalties 1. Fort Sumter Charleston, SC In Antebellum America, the government built forts across the coast to prevent foreign enemy attacks When the Deep South states seceded they claimed that those forts belonged to the Confederate government Lincoln Administration: Let them have them for now but we will hold onto at least one to prove that they are American forts Held on to Fort Sumter Why South Carolina? st 1 to secede st 1 to talk about secession =Mother of secession Confederate government: If by April 1861 no troops are gone from the fort, we will attack Lincoln sent food to the soldiers to show they weren’t leaving & that he had no desire to get them out Confederacy opened up fire Started the Civil War 2. Impact of Sumter Lincoln’s call for volunteers and blockade Asked for men to volunteer to put down the rebellion Navy: Sail south and begin a blockade on all southern ports = economic pressure on the south Upper South secedes Saw as an indication that Lincoln was like John Brown (wanted to get rid of slavery using violence) So they decide to secede AR, TN, NC, VA Good for the confederacy, especially VA because it was the wealthiest, largest, and the mother of the South Moved the capital to Richmond, VA 90 miles South of DC Things are going good for the south 3. Border states What? Slave states with borders that connect with other slave states and ` free states Why don’t they secede? - They were quickly occupied by U.S troops preventing them from voting to secede - Lincoln’s assurances Assure people the war was not meant to free the slaves It was about stopping secession So the Border States won’t leave Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware If they had seceded they would have brought resources to the confederacy 4. Southern Unionists Large number of White Southerners refused to support the confederacy Why? Tend to live West of VA, East of TN, and West of NC— Appalachian Mountains Mountains are not good for cotton so they didn’t own slaves Trying to make them fight Southern states have a huge number problem 22 million Northerners; 9 million Southerners Of that 9 million, 4 million were slaves = 5 million Southerners 1 million were Unionists = 4 million southerners Very early in the war the South begins drafting all men to fight including Unionists—a lot of them said they were going to fight for the North Every Southern state had men that fought for the Union Impact The South was already suffering from a numbers problem but the unionists make it worse - Fighting for the Union - Not supporting the South 5. The point The South was never completely united II. Foreign Intervention? 1. Southern hopes The South hopes a foreign country will help them fight the war (like the French did in the Revolution) “Cotton Diplomacy” The British Industrial Revolution was driven by cotton from the South, so if they can’t get cotton it will hurt their economy and make them help us 2. Why doesn’t it happen? - The British never run out of cotton There was already a large surplus when the war started, and a place in their own empire (Egypt) grew cotton just as well if not better than the south - The Emancipation Proclamation Offered freedom to slaves if they could run away to Northern lines = No way the British would help because they already eliminated slavery 30 years prior with no war 3. The Point Another reason they lost: They needed foreign intervention and they never got it III. Economic Factors 1. South’s weak economy Since Jamestown, the South’s economy was producing agricultural commodity on export and getting manufactured goods imported (Import/Export economy) Jefferson wanted this (country of small farmers) In Antebellum America the South’s reliance on import/export economy grew because of cotton @ The start of the Civil War Lincoln started the blockade = The South can’t get exports/imports They begin to run out of everything = Value increases Inflation rate: 9000% = The Confederate government can’t tax citizens to raise money for the war 2. North’s strong economy Since the Puritans the North’s economy has been very diverse Hamilton’s vision (country should be based on model of self sufficiency) In Antebellum America: NE manufacturing MW growing food Civil War: The North can grow food for itself and manufacture for itself = The economy boomed—making money off the war = The government can tax its citizens to raise money for the war 3. The point In the Civil War the South’s dependents economy was crushed by the North’s self-sufficient economy & that is the biggest reason the South lost & that goes all the way back to Jamestown V. Conclusions 3 reasons why the South lost the Civil War (apart from the battles) - The South never completely united - The South did not get foreign intervention - The South’s economy collapsed


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