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HIST173_Ch 6

by: Doris M

HIST173_Ch 6 HIST173

Doris M
Long Beach State
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Chapter 6 notes
U.S. History 1865-Present
Dr. Sheridan
Class Notes
dr, Sheridan, hist, hist173, History173, Ch6, CH, 6, lbsu, csulb
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Doris M on Monday May 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST173 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Sheridan in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see U.S. History 1865-Present in History at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 05/02/16
Turn  of  the  Century:  Theodore  Roosevelt     Roosevelt  Emerges     1858-­‐1919       Leader  of  republican  party   -­‐eventually  becomes  part  of  the  Progressive  party   -­‐has  influence     Held  a  variety  of  roles,  important  &  dramatic  individual,  activist,  reformer   -­‐a  writer,  politician,  explorer,  soldier,  one  of  the  most  powerful  president   -­‐one  of  the  most  powerful  presi dent  because  of  the  publicity  he  had   -­‐literally  a  cowboy  and  had  the  cowboy  image   -­‐comes  from  a  rich  family   -­‐narratarized  by  the  press   -­‐teddy  bear   -­‐not  president-­‐did  things  outside  the  norm  of  a  normal  president     -­‐he  is  crucial  to  understanding  the   presidency  as  it  is  established  in  the  20th  century     Biography  and  Background     Born  in  NYC   -­‐Dutch  background     Comes  from  prominent  Roosevelt  family,  which  has  to  major  sections  to  it,  details   -­‐owned  the  hardware  business,  and  had  an  importing  business   -­‐for  almost  of  the  19th  century,  they  were  democrats   -­‐1  strand  of  family  were  democrats   -­‐Teddy  Roosevelt  became  republican     Roosevelt  as  a  child   -­‐grows  up  in  wealth   -­‐witnessed  Lincoln's  fun eral  perception,  saw  the  casket  as  it  passed  by  in  NYC   -­‐sick  as  a  child   -­‐had  severe  asthma   -­‐had  to  sleep  sitting  up  because  of  all  his  breathing  illnesses   -­‐for  a  majority  of  his  life  he  was  sick   -­‐as  he  grew  up  he  was  bullied  by  ppl  his  age  and  he  was   sick  of  being  bullied  so  he  took  up  boxing   -­‐travels  the  world  with  his  family   -­‐educated  by  a  set  of  private  tutors   -­‐strong  in  geography,  history,  and  several  languages,  had  issues  in  math     Harvard,  Columbia  and  first  marriage  to  Alice  Lee   -­‐Goes  to  Harvard   -­‐his  father  dies  and  teddy  becomes  the  head  of  the  family   -­‐after  he  graduates  he  tried  going  into  the  war   -­‐doctor  told  him  he  was  too  weak  to  join  the  military   -­‐joined  Columbia  Law  school   -­‐eventually  decided  that  he  didn’t  like  law  school  and  drops  out   -­‐he  decided  to  enter  into  public  life   -­‐his  first  push  into  politics  didn’t  go  well   -­‐gets  married  at  a  young  age   -­‐Alice  Lee   -­‐well  matched   -­‐came  from  a  southern  family   -­‐had  a  daughter  with  teddy   -­‐in  the  days  after  child  birth,  she  dies   -­‐dies  on  the  same  day  as  Teddy's  mother     Tragedy  and  response   -­‐Teddy  has  a  huge  mental  breakdown   -­‐torn  up,  emotionally  distraught   -­‐decides  to  leave  his  daughter  with  his  relatives     -­‐decides  to  live  in  the  west     -­‐bought  2  sets  of  ranches  and  basically  learns  to  be  a  cowboy     Roosevelt  in  the  West     Heading  West  in  the  1880s   -­‐first  major  president  who  spends  time  in  the  Am  West     Life  in  the  Badlands   -­‐comes  into  contact  with  the  Rough  Riders   -­‐some  were  Af  Am,  Latino  backgrounds     Effect  on  his  beliefs   -­‐the  fact  that  his  wife  dies  changes  him  as  a  person     Connection  to  Western  values   -­‐living  in  the  west  made  him  see  things  differently   -­‐understood  different  things       Return  to  the  East,  new  family     2nd  marriage,  return  to  the  East   -­‐lives  in  Sagamore  Hill   -­‐marries  his  childhood  sweetheart -­‐Edith   -­‐hey  go  on  a  honeymoon  to  Europe   -­‐he  told  her  that  he  was  going  to  try  and  go  hiking  in  France  in  Mt.  Blanc   -­‐end  up  having  a  successful  marriage  w/  6  children     "political  career"   -­‐tried  becoming  a  mayor  but  ends  up  in  3rd  place   -­‐decides  that  he  needs  to  change  his  life     Governor  of  NY   -­‐runs  for  office  and  becomes  governor  of  NY   -­‐did  things  that  were  irritating     -­‐tried  to  get  rid  of  machine  politics   -­‐upset  business  leaders  and  the  republican  party     Role  as  a  rough  rider,  Spanish  Am  war   -­‐happened  while  he  was  governor     Becoming  VP  under  McKinley   -­‐political  bosses  though  that  making  him  VP  would  give  him  no  power  and  wanted  to  end  his  career   -­‐"speak  softly  and  carry  a  big  stick"   -­‐…"and  you  will  go  far."   -­‐4  days  after  he  said  those  words,  in  buffalo,  McKinley  is  shot       Assassination  of  McKinley  by  Leon  Czolgosz;  writing  career   -­‐Leon   -­‐anti  government   -­‐assassinates  McKinley   -­‐McKinley  lives  but  later  dies   -­‐Roosevelt  hears  the  news,  and  finds  out  that  the  President  is  fine   -­‐Roosevelt  goes  on  a  camping  trip  with  his  family  because  he  thought  the  president  was  ok   -­‐finds  out  that  the  President  is  about  to  die,  get  a  telegram  that  the  president  is  dead  and  that  he  is  now   the  president     Assuming  the  Presidency     The  presidency     Trustbuster   -­‐tried  to  create  a  series  of  antitrust  corporations  that  tried  to  break  up  large  corporations     -­‐he  is  going  to  transform  the  branch  of  US  history   -­‐transition  of  regulation  of  the  states  to  regulation  of  the  federal  gov     Federal  regulation,  creation  of  the  ICC   -­‐ICC-­‐interstate  commerce  commission   -­‐regulating  when  goods  were  transported  from  one  state  to  the  other   -­‐the  state  never  used  to  have  control  over  that   -­‐with  the  ICC,  the  fed  gov  could  regulate  what  happens   -­‐the  companies  had  to  have  a  uniform  system  of  accounting   -­‐they  had  to  had  standardized  reports   -­‐the  companies  couldn’t  just  do  whatever  they  wanted   -­‐if  they  didn’t  follow  their  rules,  the  could  be  brought  to  court     Role  of  the  muckrakers;  Upton  Sinclair   -­‐investigative  journalist   -­‐a  new  reporter  who  was  trying  to  create  exposees   -­‐tried  to  rake  up  the  muck-­‐and  see  what  they  could  find   -­‐Upton  Sinclair-­‐popular   -­‐writes  a  novel  called  the  jungle   -­‐described  the  nature  of  the  meat  packaging  companies     Pure  food  an  drug  act  and  meat   Inspection  Act  of  1906,  issues  of  reform   -­‐2  acts  because  of  the  meat  industry   -­‐before:  drugs  at  the  pharmacy  didn’t  have  to  have  any  labels   -­‐no  rules  on  labels   -­‐after:  all  medicine  had  to  be  labeled  clearly  with  a  list  of  ingredients,  effects  of  drugs,  list  of  ingredients   -­‐food  act   -­‐mandated  sanitary  places   -­‐basic  sanitary  conditions   -­‐this  was  the  first  time  that  these  rules  were  coming  from  the  Executive  branch     The  forest  service  (1905);  federal  gov  forest  lands   -­‐in  the  west   -­‐the  US  needed  Forests   -­‐Roosevelt  created  the  US  national  park  systems   -­‐set  aside  millions  of  acres  to  create  the  national  park  system   -­‐set  up  national  refugees   -­‐created  separate  areas  of  separate  interests       Roosevelt  and  John  Muir,  other  issues,  conservationists  issues   -­‐John  Muir-­‐conservationist   -­‐created  the  sierra  club   -­‐they  talk  about  changing  the  lands  into  a  more  conservation  place     8hr  workdays.  Stock  market  regulations   -­‐implemented  8hr  workdays,  anything  over  is  overtime   -­‐attempted  to  create  regulation  laws  for  the  stock  market   -­‐raised  income  taxes   -­‐created  inheritance  tax  before  they  gave  something  to  their  children  or  grandchildren     Shifts  and  changes,  the  press  room,  establishing  the  white   house  press  room   -­‐able  to  handle  the  media   -­‐knew  how  to  talk  to  them   -­‐played  the  media  ppl   -­‐talked  to  the  media  and  was  chummy  with  them   -­‐created  the  white  house  press  room   -­‐where  the  press  would  sit  while  he  made  speeches     Larger  significance   -­‐uses  his  youth  to  be  seen  as  masculine   -­‐all  the  gilded  age  presidents  weren't  focused  on  expanding  the  executive  branch   -­‐shifts  the  balance  of  power  to  the  executive  branch   -­‐creates  the  idea  of  what  the  20th  century  president  should  be  like     -­‐dynamic  leader  in  the  white  house   -­‐a  person  who  could  create  action  and  change   -­‐causes  changes  to  presidents  after  him  like  Woodrow  Wilson   -­‐a  shift  of  a  limited  executive  branch  to  a  more  active  role   -­‐transformed  the  power  structure  of  the  US


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