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CMCN 170 class notes, Exam 3

by: Lauren Franklin

CMCN 170 class notes, Exam 3 CMCN 170

Lauren Franklin

GPA 3.3

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About this Document

This is a list of key term definitions for exam three
Media and Society
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Franklin on Tuesday May 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CMCN 170 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Media and Society in Communication at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Date Created: 05/03/16
studio system -early method of hiring stable of HDTV -industry standard for digital television salaried stars and production people under exclusive transmission as of 2009; provides a picture with a contracts to specific studio clearer resolution than earlier tv sets   star system -promoting popular movie personalities telcos -abbrev for telephone company to lure audiences   direct sponsorship -program that carries advertiser's block booking- practice of requiring theaters to take name in title a package of movies instead of showing the movies  individually pop-up -ad on website that appears on screen either  behind web page when someone leaves site or on blacklisting -studio owners' refusal to hire someone top of website home page when first visiting who suspected of taking part in subversive activities   click-through rate -rate at which people who see an blind booking -practice of renting films to exhibitors ad on internet click through to learn more without letting them see the films first   viral marketing -creating online message that is ancillary rights -marketing opportunities related to a entertaining enough to get consumers to pass it on movie, in addition to direct income from the movie over the internet like virus itself   advertising campaign -planned advertising effort network -collection of radio of TV stations that offers coordinated for a specific time period programs, usually simultaneously, throughout the  country, during designated program times CPM -cost per thousand, the cost of ad per 1000  people reached prime time -TV time period from 7-11 when more  people watch TV than at any other time search advertising -advertising in the form of a list  and/or link to a company's site domain name through situation comedy -tv program that establishes a a specific online search word or phrase regular cast of characters typically in a home or work  situation; called sitcom branded content/ content marketing/ branded  entertainment -program that mimics regular rating- percentage of the TOTAL number of commercial programming or standard journalism but households with TV sets tuned to particular program is custom-produced by advertiser to promote a  specific product; may or may not be labeled as share -percentage of audience with TV sets TURNED advertisement ON that is watching a particular program   RTM- real time marketing sweeps -months tv ratings services gather their most  important ratings-- feb, may, nov rep firm -company of advertising sales  representatives who sell advertising time and space demographics -data about consumers' in their market to companies outside their characteristics. such as age, occupation and income geographic area level  when. where. who introduced TV- 1939, NYC, O & Os -tv stations that are owned and operated by President Franklin Roosevelt & david Sarnoff networks   FCC freeze 1948-1952 -the fcc announced a hold on affiliates- stations that use network programming but the granting of new television licenses because it are owned by companies other than the networks was becoming too many   syndicators -services that sell programming to analog -type of technology used in broadcasting , broadcast stations and cable whereby video or audio info is sent as continuous  signals through air on specific airwave frequencies CATV -community antenna television or cable   newton minow; "tv is a vast wasteland" -chairman of DBS -direct broadcast satellite FCC, what speech did he give   subscription television -new term used to describe KLBJ Austin, TX; named after LadyBird Johnson, 1969 consumer services delivered by cable and satellite -1st tv license was? named after? monopoly until program delivery when.  (CBS affiliate) DVR -digital video recorders   CNN 1984 -1st 24 hour newschannel, ted turner time-shifting -recording a television program on a  DVR to watch at a more convenient time Ted Turner -father of 24 hour news   1954 -ABC goes into TV business  1949 -1st transcontinental coaxial cable 2. stop blind booking  3. stop requiring theaters to rent short films 1958 -1st color tv program 4. stop buying theaters   sherman act -law that prohibits monopolies in US elia kazan -confessed names of people who were 1890 dealing with communists   edward murrow -sent to England to cover "the blitz" dalton trumba -well known screenwriter who was on for CBS' the blacklist on the 1950s focused public attention on horrible conditions;  Goodnight & Goodluck, president kennedy named david strahara -played edward murrow in "Goodnight him the voice of america and goodluck"  Kromkite -became 1st anchorman top movies and owners most trusted man in america 1. avatar - 20th cent fox announced president kennedy's death 2. titanic - fox/paramount  3. avengers - buena vista (disney) 1954 -tv advertising surpasses radio 4. harry potter and deathly hollows pt 2 - warner bros 5.frozen - buena vista Top 5 TV chains 1. media general top grossing movies (10) 2. CBS corporation 1. gone with the wind 3. NewsCorp 2. star wars 4. Comcast (NBC) 3.sound of music 5. Gannett 4. ET  5.titanic thomas Edison- kinetescope; helped with birth of 6. 10 commandments motion pictures 7. jaws  8. doctor zhivago Auguste and Louis Lumiere -developed a camera and 9. the exorcist projector that could show film on a screen (december 10. snow white and the 7 dwarfs 1895)  top theater chains Georges Melies -used his magician skills and camera 1. regal entertainment tricks with characters; "A Trip to the Moon" 2. AMC entertainment  3. cinemark edwin porter -responsible for 1st motion picture with 4. carmike an actual plot; "the great train robbery"; $.05 5. cineplex   Griffith- responsible for "the birth of a nation" howard hughes, viacom -owns paramount studios   MPPC -motion picture patent company; had jack valenti -was president of motion picture monopoly over the industry association of america, MPAA  3 elements of moviemaking newscorp- rupert murdoch owns 20th century fox 1. production  2. distribution sony -owns columbia pictures 3. exhibition  time warner- owns warner bros why did studios move from NY to california?  at this time, the movies were filmed outside; they comcast -owns universal were constantly trying to find good lighting and  weather for sets, which is how hollywood was put spielburg, geffen, katsenberg- who founded into the picture dreamworks   oscar micheaux- black filmmaker who produced race katherine bigalow -1st female director to win movies; used just blacks to play all different roles academy award- the hurt locker   1927 "the jazz singer", Al Jolson -1st talking picture john ford -known for creating westerns   Griffith, Pickford, Fairbanks Jr., Chaplin- formed the proctor and gambel -biggest advertising company United Artists and made their own movies   volney palmer -opened 1st advertising agency irving thalberg- responsible for most of the motion picture contribution with special effects top US ad agencies  1. epsilon paramount vs. US courts ruled that paramount had 2. acxiom to.... 3. IBM interactive 1. limit block booking to 5 films 4. sapient nitro 5.BBDO 14.satisfy curiosity 15.physiological need jeff fowles appeals of advertising need for... what is FTC responsible for doing -prevent business practices that are unfair to 2.affiliation consumers 3.nurture -to enhance consumer choice and understanding of 4.guidance competitive process 5.aggress  6.achieve zworykin -transmitting images through air 7.dominate  8.prominence Farnsworth- cathode ray tube 9.attention  10.autonomy cougar, stevens, wyler, houston, ford -the 5 movie 11.escape directors who went to war so they could write films 12.feel safe about it 13.aesthetic sensations


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