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POLS 112 Week 6 NOTES

by: Shelby Kolb

POLS 112 Week 6 NOTES 112

Shelby Kolb
Cal Poly
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Political science 112 with professor Logan notes day 8 and 9.
Political Science 112
Kathryn Logan
Class Notes
notes, pols112, politicalscience, Logan, calpolyslo, Sanluisobispo, Calpoly, week6, pols
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Kolb on Wednesday May 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 112 at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo taught by Kathryn Logan in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.


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Date Created: 05/04/16
POLS NOTES DAY 9 ; The American Presidency  Selection of the President: o Formal Conditions: natural-born citizen, 35 years of age, 14-year residency o Informal Conditions: symbolic leader, socially acceptable, family oriented, religious orientation, middle age, occupational background, tv personality o TERMS of the presidency= 4-year , 2 term limit . Removal for impeachable offenses.  Abuses of Presidential Power: (an imperial presidency) o When a president abuses authoritative power o When a president pursues personal agenda o Limiting abuse of presidential power= 1973 war powers act  Formal Roles of the President: o Head/chief of state; ceremonial and symbolic role o Chief executive; head of administration, executive orders o Chief legislator; sign/veto legislation, signing statements.  Roles of the President: o Commander-in-chief= head of the US Armed Forces, use of military action/troops o Chief Law enforcement officer= appointment power over law enforcement institutions, grant pardons and reprieves o Chief diplomat= makes treaties strategic, beneficial, cultural o Makes executive agreements o Crisis manager= psychological role for masses o Party leader= fundraisers and campaigns, coattails effect, party platform  The Vice President: o Formal duties= president of the Senate, serve as acting president. o Informal duties= “do-nothing job” image, “Mario Puzo Theory”, ticket balancer POLS NOTES DAY 10 ; POWER OF FISCAL POLICY  “Power of the purse”= power to raise, spend, and borrow $  Raise $ = revenues o Progressive tax – income ^ , taxes ^ (federal income tax) o Regressive tax- income ^, taxes v (social security tax) o Flat tax – mount is same for everyone (medicare tax) o Import tariffs- beneficial for consumers, affect price of goods  Largest portion of revenues from individual income taxes (47%)  Borrowing $ o Revenue > expenditure  surplus (revenues are more than expenditures) o Revenue < expenditures  budget deficit (spending more than making) o  National debt= accumulation of debt over all the years the government has existed.  When does the federal government borrow money?? o Annual Federal Budget (surplus v. deficit)  if budget deficit, borrow $$  VIDEO : Ten Trillion & Counting o Regan advocates for less government spending and raises taxes. o Bush SR. and Bush JR. want tax cuts. o


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