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Week 12 Notes

by: Tamara Girodie

Week 12 Notes Psych 315

Tamara Girodie

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About this Document

This weeks' notes will continue Motivational Learning with: Emotional Responses Drug Use Consumer Behavior and Advertising Operant Conditioning A Study Guide for the final exam will be com...
Christopher Magalis
Class Notes
psych, learning, Drugs, Consumer, behavior, operant conditioning
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tamara Girodie on Thursday May 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 315 at Towson University taught by Christopher Magalis in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Motivation in Psychlogy at Towson University.

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Date Created: 05/05/16
Monday, May 2, 2016 Week 12 General Announcements - The majority of the exam will be on learning concepts, however the end portion will be mostly emotion. What is the point of Learned Motivation? - Emotional Reactions (Fear Response) • Dental Visits: sounds of the drills and suction, smells of the office, sight of the chairs and tables - Drug Use • The CS associated with the drug use (needles, white powder) lead individuals to seek out those substances • Counselors urge recovering addicts to avoid any stimulus cues (people, places, and things related to the drugs) - Consumer Behavior and Advertising • A neutral product is associated with people, objects, or situations which naturally elicit a positive response • A neutral stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus, which is made to look beautiful, have affective value, use auditory and visual cues, and have an overall modality specificity, which is attention grabbing and thus leads to the response of the targeted consumer behavior - Operant conditioning can motivate behavior! • this tells us about the concepts of hedonic value and motivational value • There is a difference between “wanting” and “liking” • An incentive makes you want something, and wanting makes you want to behave, though once you obtain that incentive you continue the behavior through liking rather than wanting • The nucleus accumbens releases the hormone dopamine —> ventral tegmental area 1 Monday, May 2, 2016 - This “mesolimbic” pathway leads to reinforcement - If there is such a thing as the pleasure chemicals, then endorphins would be that chemical - Endorphins are usually associated with pain relief, however it is interesting to note that endorphins are present when you eat something pleasant, when you orgasm, or when you find something pleasant • Interesting nope: heroin is addictive because it releases endorphins, which makes you feel happy - Important Point! The behavioral control systems we discussed at the beginning of the course are shown to work in tandem here MOTIVATION IS THE ACTIVATION AND DIRECTION OF BEHAVIOR INHERENT IN BEHAVIORAL CONTROL SYSTEMS Emotion - Emotions are motivators; they guide our lives and colour our perceptions - Photosynthesis • A process occurring in plants • Sunlight is captured via photo-pigments • Via these processes, CO2 and H2O are involved in the production of glucose and oxygen • It involves a series of stages: light stages and dark stages (light independent reactions) • Photosynthesis declines with the wilting of the plant leaves Wilting becomes a physiological reaction that acts as a signal • - Can plants have an “emotional life”? - Emotions can be experienced in different ways: • “feeling” • behaviors = various expressions (facial expressions, movements, postures) • “internal stuff” (physiological changes) 2 Monday, May 2, 2016 - Ross Buck would consider these as emotions if you accept them as read-out • Definition: Emotion reflects a read-out of an emotional state 3


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