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History of Photography: Week 11

by: ChristopherMetallo

History of Photography: Week 11 CNPH 24000-01

Marketplace > Ithaca College > CNPH 24000-01 > History of Photography Week 11
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Mostly covers the Family of Man exhibition and Latin American photography.
History of Photography
Rhonda Vanover
Class Notes
history, Photography, history of photography
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by ChristopherMetallo on Friday May 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CNPH 24000-01 at Ithaca College taught by Rhonda Vanover in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 05/06/16
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 History of Photography Week 11: - Affirmed but not elevated African American life/ experience • African Americans went to get their portraits done after the war, but were lynched for going against white supremacy - Represented/ Misrepresented • James Van Der Zee’ - took pictures of elevated looking african americans - Theatrical studio • Photograph became a tool to document a community that was truly alive, well, smart, political • Makes a difference who makes the pictures • Gordon Parks - Using humanity to get people aware of how people suffered • Sweet Flypaper of Life - concise work of black peoples life in a positive way Using a camera to construct a community • • Deborah Willis - became widely known - Made African americans visible in her book reflections of Black - What does photography do? • construct a community • gives you agency within a community • perpetuates and creates stereotypes Develops identity • 1 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 • Represents groups of people • makes something timeless • provokes emotional response • Inspires change • different perspectives • how we see ourselves and others Photography has the ability to change everything • Week 12: - Edward Steichen Interview Lots of incoherent rambling • - 1940’s • MOMA opens photographic division with Steichen heading it - Steichen returns from war and fashion photography to head MOMA • Evans/Agee - Let us now Praise Famous Men • Magnum Photos Founded • Soviets explode atom bomb • Ghandi Assassinated - 1950’s • Family of man exhibition • high speed trip film introduced by kodak Korean War • • Truman orders making of Atom bomb development • Sputnik 1 launched by USSR • Color TV 2 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - The Family of Man, Japan, South America • MOMA • Steichen • 500 photos from 68 countries • turned into a book • Emphasized similar experiences and aspirations the humans share Egocentric • • Roland Barthes - not and interval marker in history - One sided • Forefront of how to exhibit the visual image - 1st exhibit to break the tradition of how to display the photograph • Last exhibition of social documentary • represents a western view of universal community • Steichen projects his own views by selecting - Magnum • Hoped to gain more editorial control over their photographs • est. 1947 - The National Human Rights Movement • A common humanity reflects a larger movement to affirm basic rights of all people • 1948: Universal declaration of human right (defined rights as “common standards of achievement for all peoples and nations Group, ethnic, racial, and national rights were absent from the list • - Photographers go back to documenting native americans - Through Navajo Eyes (1966) - The Cold War 3 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 • Tension Mounts • Politicized the arts • both countries use artists to promote themselves around the world • Us uses the Family of Man as promotion (appears in 38 countries from 58-62) - The American Way of Life • Developed from postwar economic prosperity housing boom • • growth of suburbs • hopping malls • the increased use of the automobile - In latin america, Africa, Asia, american art symbolized political power / economic influence - photography came to be understood as a means the crate and communicate - Alberto Diaz • Chego Ver portrait - Diaz was mad that - Ann Prker • young indian couple with cityscape, Guatemala, 1973 - used fake elaborate backdrops with formal dress - inexpensive, giving away portraits • Made in Latin America - 1978, Mexico city exhibition - Latin documentarians, photojournalists, and art photographers sought to counteract simplistic or derogatory depiction by foreigners - Affirmed multicultural character of the region • Claudia Andujar 4 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - swiss moves to Brazil - photographic people in Northern Brazil • witnessing their death during an epidemic - Yanomami youth during a traditional rhea festival, 1978 • Nacho Lopez - known as a photojournalist - rejected images that made Mexico look exotic - Campesino, 1949 • photographing the everyday - Sometimes poses people • Graciela Iturbide - focus on traditional life in a modern world - Woman Angel, Sonara Desert, Mexico, 1979 • in traditional dress but holding a boombox • Juxtaposition of modern day and traditional things • Manuel Alvarez Bravo - Leading figure of Mexican avant garde - Good Reputation Sleeping, 1938-39, silver gelatin • Topless, bandages wrapped weird • bandages are meant to cover wounds but her crotch area is left open • Reveals a level intimacy to the figure, paying homage to the female nude and her beauty - The crouched ones, 1934, gelatin silver print • as if the men are changes together • 5


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