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FDSC 1020 Video 1 Notes

by: Maddie Notetaker

FDSC 1020 Video 1 Notes

Marketplace > Clemson University > > FDSC 1020 Video 1 Notes
Maddie Notetaker

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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maddie Notetaker on Saturday May 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Clemson University taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views.


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Date Created: 05/07/16
 Will eating like apes save their lives? o Already have high blood pressure and cholesterol o Goal: change diet for 12 days will bring participants back from the break o Theory: are our bodies made for prehistoric diet of fruits and veggies o 11lbs of raw fruits and veggies every day o retested for blood pressure and cholesterol  diet had reduced saturated fat by 1/3 and salt by a lot  the diet worked by reducing cholesterol by 23% and blood pressure now normal o Theory: We are generically predisposed to a prehistorically diet. o Hypothesis: Eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetables lowers (low in saturated fat and sodium) lowers LDL cholesterol and improves blood pressure levels o Variables: independent (saturated fat, sodium, calories, x factor: fiber, vitamins) dependent (blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, weight, insulin) o Experimental Groupndbaseline o Control group: 2 random group, calorie intake, weight loss, age, gender o Correlation: no correlations measured  Could have done amount of x to blood pressure or insulin measured o Application: improved cardiovascular health, dietary recommendations o Unanswered Questions: how physical were the people o Next Study: change the location, make diet more realistic, add a control group o Problems: does not account for the weight loss  Can changing your diet give your gut a makeover? o Given pill to with transmitter to measure speed of digestion on the current diet  22 and 42 hours o raise fiber diet to 1.5 oz a day for a week o given a pill game after experiment to follow the next meal post experiment  11 and 12 hours o fiber in the diet increases the speed at which the long intestine pushes food toward the anus along with lowering cholesterol and reducing some cancers o Theory:  Can garlic help your sex life? o 4 cloves of garlic a day  slice or cut and must be raw eaten within 10 min of cutting o cholesterol is preventing blood from flowing to the penis o will continue to eat normal diet o allicin reduced cholesterol in the penis and also relaxes the muscles in the base of the penis o observe 3 months later  James there was no difference, but the drug for blood pressure could be preventing the garlic from working  David the trial worked o Also important that it can pick up heart disease  Who produces more gas? Men or Woman? o Wear a suit (fart pants) to collect gas from body for 24 hrs o Men had more gas o 1 balloon a day or about 3.3 L o colon eats gas though o


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