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Medieval Art History, Week 14

by: Kathryn Mason

Medieval Art History, Week 14 ART 483, Art History

Marketplace > Fort Hays State University > Art > ART 483, Art History > Medieval Art History Week 14
Kathryn Mason
GPA 2.95

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About this Document

Last set of notes for this semester!
Medieval Art History
Erica Bittel
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Mason on Sunday May 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 483, Art History at Fort Hays State University taught by Erica Bittel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Medieval Art History in Art at Fort Hays State University.


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Date Created: 05/08/16
April 25 , 2016 Medieval Art – Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic Art and Architecture Textbook pages 101-126, 191-226, 227-258 th Final – Monday, May 9 @ 9:30am-11:10am • Cathedral of Saint James, ca. 1078-1122, Santiago de Compostela, Spain • El Año Santo – Holy year; celebrated only when the Apostles Day, July 25 ,th falls on a Sunday • Portal – a characteristic entryway; came into existence and extensively used during the Romanesque period • Romanesque Church Portal diagram • The Last Judgment the west portal of the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Gislebertus, ca. 1120-1140, Autun, France o This portal serves as a passage from this world to the spiritual world o Tympanum – Semi-circular space above the doorway, part of the portal o Mandorla – Almond shaped halo, full body • The Magi Asleep from the nave capital of the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Gislebertus, ca.1120-1132, Autun, France • Virgin and Child in Majesty, ca.1150-1200, oak with polychrome, from the Auvergne region, France o Throne of Wisdom – Virgin enthroned holding the Christ Child, popular theme in Medieval Art o Frontal, rigid o Reference to Old Testament King of Solomon, known for his wisdom o Middle-aged, balding Jesus holding a book April 27 , 2016 Medieval Art – Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic A rt and Architecture Textbook pages 101-126, 191-226, 227-258 th Final: Monday, May 9 • Still need to look at Exam’s 1 & 2 • Show up on time!!! Code for money off of Italy trip for next May: blossom100 • Bayeux Tapestry, ca. 10666-1082, embroidered wall hanging with linen and wool o No sense of background or space o Seems very flat like a manuscript in that way o Wrapped around the nave • Khanacademy – The Bayeux Tapestry – Seven Ages of Britain – BBC One th • Nave of Durham Cathedral, early 13 century, Durham, England • Chevron – inverted repeated V-shapes • Groin Vault – intersecting barrel vaults (like a tunnel), what gives it the cross shape • Bay – the area underneath each groin vault; divided by a transverse arch • Transverse Arch – slightly pointed b/c it displaces weight more effectively than a rounded arch • Gothic Architecture o Higher – pointed arches o Brighter o Thinner o Lighter – thinner columns • Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, 1135-1140, Saint-Denis, France (View of nave) • The light and color was intended to create a space of spiritualness • Saint Denis – patron saint of France • Louis VII – knows that he will be buried there like other kings, leaves control of the building projects and much of the control of France to Abbot Suger when he goes off to war • Abbot Suger – institutes a reform of the church (View of the apse and ceiling) • Lancet Window – typically resemble an arrow, colorful on the inside!!! • Rose Window – always round sometimes has petals, always above the entrance th April 29 , 2016 Medieval Art – Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic Art and Architecture Textbook pages 101-126, 191-226, 227-258 Italy Trip: - blossom100 Bittel-5813 • Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, 1135-1140, Saint-Denis, France (view of apse) o Ribbed groin vaults o High ceilings • Chartres Cathedral (aerial view), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France o High Gothic o Flying buttresses • Chartres Cathedral (view of the west façade), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Buttress – a support that is fully attached to the exterior of the building • Flying buttress – fully attached at the bottom, but extends up to the second level to help support the roof • Chartres Cathedral (view of flying buttresses), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Royal Portal from Chartres Cathedral (view of the west façade), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France o The figures are Christ’s ancestors o Depicts Christ and his “royal” heritage o 19 Old Testament figures o Ascension of Christ, Christ Enthroned, Mary and Child • Chartres Cathedral (Triforium and clerestory), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Chartres Cathedral (view of clerestory), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Chartres Cathedral (view of nave), ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Most of Gothic cathedrals have most of their stain glass windows have survived • Tree of Jesse from Chartres Cathedral, ca. 1134-1220, Chartres, France • Reims Cathedral, 1211-1275, Reims, France • Annunciation and Visitation, Reims Cathedral, 1211-1275, Reims, France o The Annunciation moment when Gabriel tell Mary that she was be impregnated with the Holy Spirit o The Visitation when Mary goes to see her cousin Elizabeth o Ones of the left dates 10-35 years older than the ones of the right • Sainte-Chappelle, 1239-1248, Paris, France o Created for Louis IX to store his treasures o Crown of Thorns Romanesque o Elongation of sanctuary o Ambulatories o Radiating chapel o Smaller windows o Heavier o Not as vertical o Rounded arch o Compound piers o Barrel vault o Groin vault o Darker, more solemn Gothic o Elongation of sanctuary o Ambulatories o Radiating chapels o Unified unbroken space o Pointed arch o Buttresses o Flying buttresses o Ribbed groin vaults o Lighter, more enriching


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