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AM 270 Week 15

by: luke koppa

AM 270 Week 15 AM 270

luke koppa
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

notes covering the last part of Sourcing and the chapter on Customer/Vendor relationships
Merchandising processes
Ruoh-Nan Yan
Class Notes
merchandising, vendor, Relationships
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by luke koppa on Sunday May 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AM 270 at Colorado State University taught by Ruoh-Nan Yan in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Merchandising processes in Business at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 05/08/16
AM 270 Week 15 Chapter 11 Sourcing  Global Sourcing Process o Select a country/countries   Review of potential resources  o Choosing a contractor or contractors   Samples  Price quotes  Evaluations of contractors  o Prepare for production   Tech packs  o Production  Quality inspection   Preliminary Inspection Certificate (PIC)  Issued by the sourcing company   Authorization of the shipment to the sourcing company  o Shipping and importation   Bill of Lading  Receipt from the carrier indicating that the goods have been  received for shipment   Freight on Board (FOB)  Shipping document specifying which party pays for which  shipment and loading costs   Where responsibility for goods is transferred   EX: FOB Vancouver­ the seller will pay for transportation of  goods to the port of Vancouver and the cost of loading on to the  cargo ship (anything after will be paid by buyer) Chapter 12 Customer/Vendor Relationships  Vendor Relationships o Control, communication, and collaboration among retailers, wholesalers,  manufacturers, and/or suppliers  o In the case of DadGear, their vendors are:  Retailers  Factory in Denver  Fabric/finding companies  Trade show organizations  Process of relationship development  o Awareness   Knowledge of contact info/capabilities o Exploration   Communicate/cooperate   Develop norms and expectations for further interaction  o Expansion   Trust and commitment  Or Dissolution  No further relationship  Vendor Relationships o Vendor standards manual   Parameters and guidelines for interactions between supply chain members   Tech requirements  Purchase order  Distribution plan  Markdown allowance  Promotional support  Technology requirements  Universal product code (UPC) o Foundation of collaborative vendor partnership  Purchase Order (PO) o Commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller  o PO number  o Shipping date/shipping address o Type/quantity/prices  o Dating and terms   Terms of payment (includes any discounts)  Partial shipment and back orders  o Return and cancellation policies   Return authorization number usually required   Exceptions for automatic returns:  Items not listed in terms  Damaged items  Early shipments   Distribution Plan   General packing and shipping instructions  o Size of boxes o Weight of boxes  o Recycling o Packing slips   Location  Information  o Source tagging   Application of Electronic Article Surveillance  (EAS) labels into products/packaging   Markdown allowance  Vendors can share the risk of markdowns on merchandise  Two approaches o Return agreements  o Compensation provided to the retailer for future purchases   Promotional support  Product demonstration   Premiums  o Free premium – GWP (gift with purchase) o Paid for premium – PWP (purchase with purchase)  Cooperative advertising  o Shared advertising expenses   Samples  Contests and drawings   Other forms o Sales training o POS signage and fixtures 


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