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Geography 101

by: Jensine Bonner

Geography 101 Geog 101

Jensine Bonner
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

These notes cover what was discussed in Professor Schupple's Geography 101 class at Towson University.
Physical Geography
Henry L. Shupple
Class Notes
geography, Geography101, 101, towson, towson university
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jensine Bonner on Monday May 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Geog 101 at Towson University taught by Henry L. Shupple in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Physical Geography in Geography at Towson University.


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Date Created: 05/09/16
Geography 101: Notes taken, interpreted, and formatted by: Jensine Bonner Week 10 of notes: 4/18/16 Landforms Alfred Wegner (1880-1930) Scientist who wrote a paper about all of the continents being attached at (1) point in time What he discovered, he called Pangea, and he eventually called it continental drift (1915) Wegner’s theory was proven, elevated to plate tectonics - The larger portion of a continent are tectonic plates, also known as lithospheric plates. They are covered by water (ocean), & are by thick Plate Boundaries 1) Rift Plates pulling away from each other -Mid ocean ridge down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean 2) Plate Collision Plates colliding with one another 3) Subduction Zone Plate is stronger than the other, and the weaker plate dives under the stronger Pacific Ring of Fire, Transform Fault 4/22/16 Landform Producing Forces Tectonic Forces Forces that build up landforms Endogenetic forces that originate from within the Earth A. Diastrophism (Solid State) Movement of rock material in its solid state 1. Folding (Bending rock) The stress of (2) plates coming together-> causes the rock to become bent, and sometimes, the folds can fold 2. Faulting (Breaking of Rock) Fault-> crack in a rock, & faults can range in size-> normal fault, reverse fault and transform fault 4/25/16 Earthquakes Vibration in Earth produced by shock waves-> sudden displacement along a fault Seismic Waves Energy released in an earthquake Strongest vibrations, location= epicenter (Earthquake) Magnitude Magnitude the rel. amount of energy released during an earthquake (*Potential Hazards of an Earthquake* loosening of the ground, liquefaction, tsunamis) Weathering Agents Temperature changes Chemical Weathering (physical weathering) Phys. Disintegration of rock material w/o any change-> chem. Composition Occur @ or near the surface (Frost Wedging, Salt Wedging) Temperature changes, Exfoliation Oxidation Hydrolysis: Chemical union of water w/another substance -> new compound that nearly always softer & weaker than the original Carbonation Carbon dioxide-> dissolved in water -> carbonic acid Reacts w/ carbonate rocks (Ex. Limestone) Biological Weathering Penetration of growing plant roots into cracks & crevices Differential Weathering Rock does not weather @ the same rate or extent 4/27/16 Typical shape of a volcano Strato Volcano Products of Eruptions Steam & ash cloud can go even into the stratosphere, some will get stuck up there & eventually be distributed around the world -Rock particles, lava, Pompeii Mt. St. Helen’s Lateral blast, not typical blast, volcanoes eruptions typically last for long periods of time Hot Spot A location underground where magnum has built up As the islands more, a new island take up place Shield volcano 4/29/16 The Great Ice Sheet, North American Ice Sheet B. Aggradation 1. Beaches 2. Deltas 3. Dunes (Each of these deposit rock material) Beaches Waves contribute to erosion Mississippi Delta Faster the water moves-> faster river can move 5/2/16 Atlantic Coastal Plain In Maryland All of Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula and the Western Shore adjacent to it Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) Very flat land Most of farmland in that area-> good soil, mostly metamorphic rock Characterized by hills (hills) Valley & Ridge Province In Maryland (Maryland)-> Garrett County 5/4/16 Chesapeake Bay - 185 miles in length - 3-30 miles wide - Average Depth- 22 feet, about 12,000 years old Bay Pollution Fertilizer, trash, Storm Water = Dead zone (little oxygen to support life) Wetlands Buffer between water & land, Filter pollution, nursery for small aquatic Wegner’s Theory of Continental Drift The lithospheric plates are moved by the heat from the Earth’s core 5/6/16 Word Climate Temp & moisture from Koppen System Climograph-> Climate Change-> Humid Subtropical Paleoclimatology Methods of Determining Past Climates Dendrochronology-> Tree ring analysis, oxygen isotope analysis, oceanic sediments, Ice cores, Pollen analysis, Radio carbon dating End of Week 10 notes. I hope that they were helpful to you. ! -Jensine


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