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Week Five Notes

by: AngelicaDeMario

Week Five Notes Classic 170

GPA 3.402

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About this Document

The Telemachy: The Quest of a Young Hero
Classical Mythology
Renee Calkins
Class Notes
Greek Mythology
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by AngelicaDeMario on Thursday May 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Classic 170 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Renee Calkins in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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Date Created: 05/12/16
The Telemachy: The Quest of a Young Hero • What is the word for fame that can be immortalized through poetry? ­ Kleos (reputation, what  people are saying about you)  Athena as Mentes and Mentor Mentor­elder on Ithaca that was loyal to Odysseus (allowing suitors to come in and raid  Odysseus’ household) Help him equip the ship to begin his journey.  Mentes­  • What is one way certain versions of poems became canonical (known by pretty much everyone)  within the oral tradition? ­ Ancient Greeks heard performances by bards at Panhellenic  sanctuaries  • When Nestor first meets Telemachus, he remarks that Telemachus’ talent for what is very much  like that of Odysseus? ­ Speaking • linked to his talent as a strategist.  Cunning Odysseus  • “No man could match Odysseus for cunning.” “The way you speak is very much like him. One  would not think A younger man would speak so appropriately." (Odyssey, 3.129­136) • “Of the enemy city. He looked like a beggar, Far from what he was back in the Greek camp, And fooled everyone when he entered Troy. (Odyssey 4. 260­267) • Justice was achieved on a self­help business  On a purely human level, what might be a benefit of communal rituals like public holidays? ­  They unify communities  What does Telemachus inherit from his father in addition to his speaking ability and good looks? ­ Friendships  Inheriting Divine Favor • “This was no other of the Olympian gods But the daughter of Zeus, Tritogeneia, Most glorious  Athena, who also honored Your father among the Argive forces” Odyssey 2.408­418 Destination 2: Menelaus and Helen • “Enjoy yourselves and eat. After supper we will ask who you are—your bloodlines have not  been lost in you. You belong to the race of men who are sceptered kings, Bred from Zeus.  You’re not just anybody.” (Odyssey, 4.64­68) Women generally lack the brute physical strength of men. so what might an account Greek  woman do to control the men around her? ­ Drugs them. Helen’s Drug • ‘But Helen, child of Zeus, had other ideas. She threw a drug into the wine bowl They were drinking from, a drug That stilled all pain, quieted all anger, And brought forgetfulness of every ill. (Odyssey, 4.231-248) • Helen got drug from woman Egypt, manipulates to have the men continue the conversation. Violent Retaliation • “When the lion Comes back, the fawns die an ugly death. That’s the kind of death these men will die When Odysseus comes back…” (Odysseus 4.357- 365) What would happen if Telemachus is killed before accomplishing anything worthy of a poet’s song? - His Kleos will be lost


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