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Odysseus' Cretan Tales and Father and Son Join Forces

by: AngelicaDeMario

Odysseus' Cretan Tales and Father and Son Join Forces Classic 170

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee > Classical Studies > Classic 170 > Odysseus Cretan Tales and Father and Son Join Forces
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About this Document

Talks about Odysseus' way back home and what becomes of it/who is involved
Classical Mythology
Renee Calkins
Class Notes
Greek Mythology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by AngelicaDeMario on Thursday May 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Classic 170 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Renee Calkins in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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Date Created: 05/12/16
Odysseus’ Cretan Tales • What is nostos? A homecoming, particularly of hero after war. • What topographical feature marks the place where the Phaeacians leave the sleeping Odysseus on Ithaca? A cave The Cave on Ithaca “At the harbor’s head a slender leaved olive Stands near a cave glimmering through the mist And sacred to the nymphs called the Naiades. …..Waters flow there forever, and there are two doors, One toward the North Wind, by which humans Go down, the other toward the South Wind, A door for gods. No men enter there.” (Odyssey 105-114) • What was the prophecy about the future fate of the Phaeacians that Alcinous had heard from his father? That Poseidon would encircle their city with a mountain in anger for delivering travelers home. Prophecy Come True “Well, now, this is what I would do; Wait until all of the people in the city see Pulling into port, and then turn her to sone, Stone shaped like a ship, a marvel for all men. And then hem their city in with a mountain.” (Odyssey 160-164) Ithaca in Disguise “…Odysseus, meanwhile, Awoke from sleep in his ancestral land- And did not recognize it. He had been gone so long, And pallas Athena had spread haze all around” (Odyssey 194-197) • When Athena shows up in disguise as a young shepherd, where does Odysseus tell her he’s from? Crete The First Cretan Tale “But he did not speak the truth, He checked that impulse, And, jockeying for an advantage, made up this story: I’ve heard of Ithaca, of course-even in Crete.” (Odyssey 259-270) Birds of a Feather “Even in your own land you weren’t about To give up the stories and sly deceits That are so much a part of you. Never mind about that though. Here we are, the two shrewdest minds in the universe….” (Odyssey 295-305) • Besides Athena and Odysseus, what other prominent character in the Odyssey has a talent for deception? Penelope Deceptive Penelope “She pines constantly for your return, But she strings them along, makes little promise, Sends messages-while her intentions are otherwise” (Odyssey 389-396) More Heroic Comparisons “Ah, I’d be heading for the sam pitiful death That Agamemnon met in his house.” • What disguise does Athena give Odysseus for the infiltration of his own household? An old beggar A Slave’s Hospitality “Let’s go to my hut, old man, so that you, When you’ve had your fill of food and wine, Can tell me your story-where you are from And all the suffering you have endured.” (Odyssey 42-54) A Kind Master “All stranger and beggars come from Zeus … the gods have blocked The return of the master who would have treated me With kindness, given me possessions of my own, A house, some land, and a wife courted byname, The things a kind master gives to his servant Whose long, hard work a god has mad prosper, As the work I have done has come to prosper.” (Odyssey 64-76) • Where does Odysseus tell Eumaeus he’s from? Crete Second Cretan Tale “I had already led nine expeditions, Amphibious assaults against foreign cities.” (Odyssey 252-253) • What part of Odysseus’ second Cretan tale does Eumaeus refuse to believe? That Odysseus is alive Skepticism “ the gods spited him In not letting him die among the Trojans Or in his friends’ arms after he had wound up the war. The entire Greek army would have buried him then, And great honor would have passed on to his son.” (Odyssey 388-399) Father and Son Join Forces Visiting the Oracle at Dodona “Odysseus, he said, had gone to Dodona To consult the oak-tree oracle to Zeus And to ask how he should return to Ithaca (Odyssey 349-359) Sanctuary of Zeus at Dodona • “With your barefoot priest who sleep On the ground around your sacred oak.” (Homer, Iliad 242-245) • “Odysseus, he said, had gone to Dodona To consult the oak-tree oracle of Zeus” (Odyssey 356-359) • “When you came to the Molossian plans and the round about steep-ridged Dodona, where are the oracles and seat of Thesprotian Zeus, and an unbelievable miracle, the talking oaks. (Prometheus Bound 51 • How were oracles delivered to Apollo’s sanctuary at Delphi? - Priest interpreted the gibberish murmured by the Pythia Warning Telemachus-Athena “When you make landfall on Ithaca, Send your crew with the ship on to the city, But you go first to the swineherd’s hut.” (Odyssey 30-44) • What was the purpose of Athena’s mentorship of Telemachus? - to keep Penelope from worrying about her son Acquiring Henchmen “I killed a man, one of my own clan. He has many brothers and kinsmen left In bluegrass Argos, powerful men, And I am on the run to escape a black fate At their hands.” (Odyssey 299-310) • When Eumaeus tells Odysseus about his past, we learn that the swineherd was born into what status? - Royalty • With what title does Telemachus address Eumaeus when Telemachus arrives in the swineherd’s hut? • Whose plan fails? the suitors’


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