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Recognition of Odysseus

by: AngelicaDeMario

Recognition of Odysseus Classic 170

GPA 3.402

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About this Document

Careful not to break his identity just yet to the suitors and Penelope, he veils who he is to a select few.
Classical Mythology
Renee Calkins
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by AngelicaDeMario on Thursday May 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Classic 170 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Renee Calkins in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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Date Created: 05/12/16
Recognition Advances • Where did Odysseus reveal his identity to Telemachus? In Eumaeus’ hut  That Belly Again “But Antinous struck me Because of my belly, that vile growling beast That gives us so much trouble.” (Odyssey 509­516) • Given that ID cards didn’t exist, how might someone whose appearance has changed radically  prove his/her identity in the ancient Greek world? ­ By revealing knowledge of secrets, by  performing a difficult task, by displaying a physical mark like a tattoo. Recognition by Eurycleia “And knew at once the scar from the wound He had gotten long ago form a boar’s white tusk When he had gone to Parnassus to visit Autolycus.” (Odyssey 518­521) The (Con)test “Whoever bends this bow and slips the string on its notch And shoots an arrow through all twelve axes, With him will I go…” (Odyssey 72­74) • What would it suggest if Telemachus is able to string thereat bow and shot an arrow through the axeheads? - That Telemachus is the equal of his father. The Equal of His Father “Because I would at least be left here as someone Capable of matching his father’s prowess.” (Odyssey 111-116) “He would have succeeded in muscling the string Onto its notch.” (Odyssey 129-133) Seeing is Believing “And look, so you can be sure of who I am, Here’s a clear sign, that scar from the wound I got from a boar’s tusk when I went long ago To Parnassus with the sons of Autolycus.” (Odyssey 214-227) • Why is taking part in the contest part of Odysseus’s plan to avenge himself against the suitors? - It will make Odysseus the only one in the hall with a weapon that is effective from a distance. • Penelope says that she won’t marry the beggar even if he manages to string the bow and complete the test. So why don’t the suitors want to allow the beggar to try? - They will be ashamed if he accomplishes what they can’t Homeric Shame Culture “But we are embarrassed at what men, and women will say: ….That’s what they’ll say, to our lasting shame.” (Odyssey 339-347) • What does Odysseus do with the second arrow? - He kills Antinuous, the ringleader of the suitors • Which god comes to Odysseus’ aid when things get a little dicey for him? Athena • When voicing their hopes for his return, Menelaus and others have repeatedly compared Odysseus to what kind of animal? - Lion Final Recognition and Resolution Clear Proof “The scar he got from the tusk of that boar. I noticed it when he was washing his feet And wanted to tell you, but he shrewdly clamped his hand on my mouth and wouldn't let me speak ” (Odyssey 74­81) • Whose son has repeatedly been identified as a model whom Telemachus should emulate in accordance with the tradition of self-help justice? - Orestes, Agamemnon’s son (he killed his uncle who was having an affair with his mother and his mom as well) The Threat of Retaliatory Violence “But you and I have to devise a plan. When someone kills just one man, Even a man who has few to avenge him, He goes into exile, leaving country and kin, Well, we have killed a city of young men, The flower of Ithaca. Think about that.” (Odyssey 122-127) • What object in the house does Penelope use to test Odysseus? - their bed Testing Odysseus “By God, woman, now you’ve cut deep. Who moved my bed? It would be hard For anyone, no matter how skilled, to movie it. A god could come down and move it easily, But not a man alive, however young and strong, Could ever pry it up. There’s something telling About how that bed’s built, and no one else Built it by me…” (Odyssey 189-196) Suspicious Penelope “My heart has been cold with fear Than an imposter would come and deceive me.” (Odyssey 212-223) • Why do you think there’s so much emphasis on a man having a faithful wife in our account Greek literary sources? - It would be humiliating to have a woman step out on you. There was no DNA testing in ancient Greece. Holding Back Dawn “…And rose-fingered Dawn would have risen On their weeping, had not Athena stepped in And help back the long night at the end of its course And stopped gold-stiched Dawn at Ocean’s shores.” (Odyssey 246-253) • How is institutionalized juice different form self-help justice? - institutionalized justice involves laws and courts • Which god was responsible for leading the souls of the dead to the Underworld? - Hermes Psychopompus “Hermes, meanwhile, was calling forth The ghosts of the suitors. He held the wand He uses to charm mortal eyes to sleep And make sleepers awakened with this beautiful, Golden want he marshaled the ghosts, Who followed along squeaking the gibbering.” (Odyssey 1-6) Achilles’ Tomb and Kleos “So that it might be sen from far out at sea By men now and men to come… Not even in death have you lost your name.” (Odyssey 76-99) • Given the way women have been represented in the myths we’ve covered so far, what quality might make a woman deserving of immortalize kleos? - faithfulness as a wife Penelope’s Kleos “And so her virtue’s fame will never perish, And the gods will make among men on earth A song of praise for steadfast Penelope.” (Odyssey 199-206) • Stasis (Civil Uprising) • Who stops the battle between the suitor’s families and Odysseus’ family? - Athena (Patron God of Athens)


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