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Week 7 -- Chicano History Wednesday Lecture

by: Anastassia Erudaitius

Week 7 -- Chicano History Wednesday Lecture ETST 004

Marketplace > University of California Riverside > Ethnic Studies > ETST 004 > Week 7 Chicano History Wednesday Lecture
Anastassia Erudaitius

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About this Document

These notes cover Wednesday's lecture, and the film shown in class.
Introduction to Chicano History
Dr. Lopez
Class Notes
Lopez, UCR, etst, 4, chicano, history
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anastassia Erudaitius on Sunday May 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ETST 004 at University of California Riverside taught by Dr. Lopez in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Chicano History in Ethnic Studies at University of California Riverside.


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Date Created: 05/15/16
Film Notes – 5/11/16  Strike leaders were jailed for starting a riot  Strike failed, none of the demands were meant, but it would give rise to the Mexican Revolution  International Workers of the World (IWW) was looked upon as being a radical movement made of unpatriotic Americans o Wanted to represent the working class and the immigrant, and the Mexican immigrant o The demand was that everyone be treated equal on the job o The demand of the union was that there be no discrimination based on national origin  Price of copper jumped – 218 percent increase in …  Make sure to mention -- Dual wage system for Mexican workers  Mining company took over telephone company, Western Union, couldn’t get in or out without mining company permission  At gunpoint – prisoners marched into downtown plaza o Those who promised loyalty to the company were freed o 1200 prisoners loaded into cattle carts on train --> taken to Columbus, Mexico and dumbed with no food or water in middle of desert and threatened to be killed if they came back  Woodrow Wilson condemned it, said it was a violation of constitution o Unions would not return to Arizona for 25 years  1931 at beginning of depression – mines closed o Only 42 miners left that had jobs o Mexican Americans became scapegoats for the economic prices  Herbert Hoover announced strict immigration laws --> deport any Mexicans who’s citizenship could be questioned o Many Mexicans shipped to Mexico o Many Mexicans were naturalized Americans o Many were born in America  War is good for the economy unless outsourcing is done  Fair Laborers Act  Mexican Americans brought home more medals of honor than any other group  Mexican Union called strike – company failed to recognize the new confidence the war had given Mexicans o War gave them security to not be afraid, and fight for what’s right o 90% of the workforce on the picket line (striking) o After 15 weeks with their loss of smelting, the company was forced to recognize the union --> dual wage system was abolished, pay was same  Received better benefits, pensions, medical plans  The California Mexican Fact Finding Committee o Mexicans in California: A report


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