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juvenile gangs

by: drinksomedrpepper

juvenile gangs Soc Sci 164D


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About this Document

Juvenile Gangs
Professor Valadez
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by drinksomedrpepper on Sunday May 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Soc Sci 164D at University of California - Irvine taught by Professor Valadez in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 05/15/16
Juvenile Gangs Week 5 Lecture 9  Lords of South County o Gang that beat up people in gas station o Beaten and kicked repeatedly o Gang in OC o White gang o Parent’s make a lot of money o Teenagers threaten kids at their high school o Arrested and end up in prison for months or years o Taking drugs and steroids o Parent thought it was the court’s duty to do something about the drug issue within the Lords gang instead of putting them in prison o Mr. Katz said community did nothing about the drugs. But should they do? Isn’t it the father’s responsibility? o Reputation for intimidation o Lords go looking for fights o 30-40 lord gangs in OC o Get away with their actions because they are white, rich kids  Where does parent’s liabilities end?  Kids join gangs around 15, except generational gangs  Join at 15 because instinctive drives and puberty starts  Gangs can come from anywhere: any socioeconomic background and any location  Individual, family, peers, school, neighborhood factors into gang membership Individual Risk Factors  Low religious service attendance  Early marijuana use  Early violence  Antisocial beliefs  Early drinking  Externalized behaviors  Poor refusal skills  More risk factors  higher chance of joining a gang  Primary source of money for street gangs is selling drugs Party Crew  What stages of Brain development does party crews occur?  Are Party Crews a street gang?  Party crews are classic definition of street gang; operate on streets and have gang behavior  These risk factors that were identified specifically increase the likelihood of gang membership and are considered by many criminal justice professionals a the primary risk factors that can be used to predict gang membership  Party Crew = of people who have a philosophy of joining a party group as an alternative to street gangs  300 party crews in LA  Increase the peace, decrease violence  Partying as a safe way without violence  Competition with party crews to see who can throw the biggest parties with the best music and best crowd  Competition for recognition Poverty  Being raised poor has been found to contribute to a greater likelihood of involvement in crime and violence  Research suggests: youth minority status and poverty increase the likelihood of being violently victimized and being a victimizer Violence  Most of the time it is unpredictable  The result of a chance and random encounter  Gang violence often involves the use of a gun (92% related murders) Victims of Gun violence  17 years old male  experience trauma or problem of development for rest of life  At the direction of a “shot caller”  Shot caller leads a gang  Shot caller is the most violent  Violence can be used to gain respect and membership in a street gang  Anaheim Vermont street – murder at liquor store with teenagers 17 or younger, stage five brain development  The risk youth population is a really small percentage of the general population  High risk for joining gangs if these factors are present Strategies to stop Gangs  Suppression Models  Intervention – tools for kids so they can learn how to say no and how to deal with their problems  Prevention Best strategies  Collaborative  School based  Gender sensitive (females process information differently than males do)  Age specific (kids at different ages think differently)  Culturally sensitive  Focused between 2-8pm (majority of juvenile crimes happen after school when no kids are around  Involved EVERYONE Protective/Safe Factors  Same as risk factors  Individual, family structure, school, peer, neighborhood Program Success  Program success is based on relationships people have in the program  All you need is one  Touch the life of one person Seattle Study  Youth joined gangs as a result of antisocial influences in neighborhoods, antisocial tendencies in families and peers, failure to perform well in school and early initiation of individuals problem behaviors  Gang membership also appears to be symptomatic of dysfunctional familial, social and individual conditions


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