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MKTG4500 Retail Strategy and HRM

by: berbaroot

MKTG4500 Retail Strategy and HRM 4500

Marketplace > University of Colorado Colorado Springs > Marketing > 4500 > MKTG4500 Retail Strategy and HRM

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About this Document

HRM in relation to retail strategy.
Marketing Strategy
Class Notes
Marketing, HRM, stratey
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by berbaroot on Thursday May 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 4500 at University of Colorado Colorado Springs taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Marketing Strategy in Marketing at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


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Date Created: 05/19/16
Barbara Root 3/13/16 CH. 9 homework 1) How can retailers use hiring, selecting, training and motivating employees in the human resource management (HRM) practices to gain strategic competitive advantages (SCA)? Hiring should involve employment marketing and employment branding, to understand what potential employees are seeking, as well as what they think about the retailer, developing a value proposition and employment brand image. Then they are communicating that brand image to potential employees, and then fulfilling the brand promise by ensuring the employee experience matches that which was they are advertised. Brand is unique and not easily mimicked thus making it a strategic competitive advantage. Selecting is essentially selectively hiring to recruit the right people in order to build and effective workforce. Job requirements and firm’s strategy dictate the type of people hired. The retailer’s critical point of contact with it customers, the face of the company, should be personally involving the selection with senior management. This ensures SCA in that those carefully selected will match the firm’s strategy and requirements necessary to match a unique image. Training is vital as 60 percent of retail employees have direct contact with customers, which means they are responsible for helping customers satisfy their needs and resolve their problems. Retailer’s that emphasize on how they treat their employees and on training will then translate into the employees taking responsibility for how the company operates and how it performs. Investing in employees by providing unique training is a SCA as in- depth knowledge makes the job more fulfilling and thus retains employees. Perhaps learning how to train younger employees as they learn differently than previous generations. Motivating is generally done in three methods, written policies and supervision, incentives, and organization culture. Policies and supervision is preparing written policies that indicate what employees should do and then have supervisors enforce these policies. If employees use the written policies to make these decisions, their actions will consistent with the retailer’s strategy which may reflect a SCA. However situations will arise that aren’t covered by a rule, in which employees may need to talk to a supervisor. Adversely many retailers empower their employees to make decisions on their own. Next motivating factor is incentives which are to encourage associate to perform activities consistent with the retailer’s objectives which are designed to be SCA’s. However drawbacks of incentives are that if they are used in excessiveness they can reduce employee commitment. Company loyalty falls because employees feel the company hasn’t made a 1 Barbara Root 3/13/16 commitment to them. Meaning if a competitor offers to pay a higher commission rate, the associate could leave and consequently reduce SCA. Finally organizational culture is the set of values, traditions, and customs of a firm that guides employee behavior. These are no tangible rules, they are passed down from experience employees to new ones. These values and idea of culture are SCAs as they are unique to the company and their culture. Culture has a much stronger effected on employees actions than do rewards offered through compensations plans, directions provided by supervisors, or written company policies, making them very valuable to SCAs. 2) Assume that you are starting a new restaurant that caters to college students and plans to use college students as servers. What HRM problems would expect to have? How could you build a strong organizational culture to provide outstanding customer service? Some HRM problems might be training younger employees as they learn differently from previous generations as mentioned above. Additionally business and employees at restaurants are busy and it may be difficult for supervisors to keep complete supervision and in turn difficult to aligned goals then. However the best motivator for student servers is going to be tips, although this could result in poor service as some servers may spoil recurrent guests, and neglect new guests. Also if a competitors has a demographic of people who may tip higher, then the servers may leave as well. An organizational structure is known to have a much more effective result on employees than do rewards or tips in this case. By having the more seasoned server(s) who may not be a student and will have experience in serving, help train the new younger servers in a way that truly researched the younger generation of servers. 2


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