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by: Katie Scombordi

Islamic_history_pdf.pdf HIST131010

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Katie Scombordi


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About this Document

Week 3
Rudolph Matthew
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Scombordi on Friday May 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST131010 at University of Delaware taught by Rudolph Matthew in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.

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Date Created: 05/20/16
5/20/16 10:57 PM Look into films that can be attended (Wednesday) Babur 1524-30 founder of Mughal empire All Turks originally came from central Asia Look into all the maps Mughals entered from central Asia, easily conquered “India” of the time • Indians were not good fighters • Mughals didn’t really enjoy India, so ruled aggressively Humayub (Babur’s son) ruled 1530-56 • Overturned, comes back into power for a short time Akbar the “Great” 1556-1605 • In charge of everyone and took away taxes for Christians • “Sun King” • “Enlightened ruler” but still chopped off lots of head • tolerant Capitol in Agra (the great fort, red fort) Changed the capitol to (NAME) but it was abandoned because there was no water resources Janghir…. ? his moseleum after akbar Shan Jahan 1628-58 • Killed his brothers • Opposed by his son • Known for refinement • Mumtaz Mahal, wife, built the Taj Mahal Aurangzeb 1658-1707 • Added land to the south • Attacked by an elephant and was saved • Reintroduced tax on Christians (name) • Tried to enforce Muslim rule • Bigot, ruler on horseback • Conquered Golconda (something) • Roads named after him were being changed th Bahadur Shah Zafar, 17 and last Mughal emperor As the Mughal empire weakens, British move-in The great mutiny – violent end of Mughal empire by British India was so much richer, so it was a great prize India loses economic strength because textile begin to mass produce and flood markets with cheap prices th Rivalry between British and Russia (great imperial power in 19 century) in middle east (the Romanovs) Middle east didn’t partake in trade and growth of knowledge because it was bypassed in easier travel routes The great explorations The industrial revolutions The rise of capitalism The reason we’re not winning wars anymore (who…?) is because we have fallen away from our religion, we’re being punished. European imports were deemed infidel. Begin to lose wars against Russia. Ottoman’s lost territory to Russia..? Crimea gave Russian’s access to the black sea, the only coast they have (learn maps) free passage thru the bospers(???) forever (alongside Istanbul) Kuchuk Karnacha Selim III 1789-1807 Ottoman’s last hungary around this time Sanissaries • Yeni (new) • Nezām cedid Dragomans – translators Ottoman’s never created, always imitated and never pursued more knowledge Selim Coo Book production was not as important as oral communication in Ottoman empire and Islamic world. Clerics resist print culture because they’d be out of jobs (typers for illiterate) Ottoman empire already in debt because of over production of money Battle of the pyramids, Louis-François Baron Lejeune • Route because west was just much more advanced • Mamluks – people in the area who were defeated, prelude to quick occupation of Egypt Napoleon wants to go and get some control of India (everyone always wants India) Egyptians did revolt but they were denied freedom. French left fairly quickly but left an impact because they started to add a bit of organization and hygiene but Egyptians had a spiteful yet somewhat appreciative Nizām – discipline, organization but we make the mess that we need to clean…? (Mehmed) Muhammad Ali W. Fred Lewis 1804-76 (V&A) • Albanian (Egypt has almost always run by outsiders) • As long as you were Muslim, it didn’t matter • Intelligent and borrowed French ideas, modernized Egypt • Import western military hardware, textiles, and lots of things, sends students to Europe, comeback and build Egypt, modern schooling, translation Cairo citadel built by mehmed • Invites people(genesaries) to banquet here and kills them all (invading =, enemy army) Sent to Europe with first batch of students as their chaplain – Rifaat al- tahlawi – writes his memoirs of Paris – learns French – difficult to ignore wonders of modernization – patrie – love of fatherlands, these westerners are selfishly dedicating themselves to their work in dedication to the fatherlands in the way that Egyptians do not and it’s something we should do – patriotism – accountability of government to represent people – mutuality between people and their government Ibrahim Pasha (son of Mehmed) Starts moving north to gain land but is stopped by British and some French. Told to stop or they’ll invade Egypt – Egypt is somewhat indebted to this weird protection French start to move into Algiers Abd al-qadir 1808-1883 Resists French and is somewhat respected by them but doesn’t do much to deter them 5/20/16 10:57 PM 5/20/16 10:57 PM


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