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Virology Week 9 - Monday's Lecture Notes

by: Anastassia Erudaitius

Virology Week 9 - Monday's Lecture Notes BIOL 123 001

Marketplace > University of California Riverside > Biology > BIOL 123 001 > Virology Week 9 Monday s Lecture Notes
Anastassia Erudaitius

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About this Document

These notes cover what Dr. Rao discussed in lecture on Monday. Wednesday did not include any material, just a discussion of the grade breakdown so there are no notes for Wednesday. Friday there was...
Dr. Rao
Class Notes
UCR, Rao, Virology, Bio, 123, week, 9
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anastassia Erudaitius on Monday May 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 123 001 at University of California Riverside taught by Dr. Rao in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Virology in Biology at University of California Riverside.


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Date Created: 05/30/16
Virology Lecture 5/23/16  People who don’t have any negative lifestyle habits still get cancer o Genes play a major role in getting cancer  Cancer – uncontrollable cell growth  Several factors have been linked to cancer o Carcinogens o Due to viruses o Some cancers have unknown causes  Some viruses have been linked to cancer  When studying cancer researches want to know what is causing cancer  History o Cancer has been around for a very long time o Chimney sweeps often exposed to carbon and black smoke in the chimney and caused cancer o 80% of cancers caused by carcinogens (chemicals)  Some chemicals in labs are labeled carcinogenic o 20% of viruses are due to viruses  Early Research o Bishop and Varmus – found that certain genes specifically become cancerous (src gene)  This gene present even in healthy people, but when they get infected by Rous Sarcoma virus that gene becomes cancerous  The cells multiply uncontrollably and as a result you get tumors  Cancer Today o The major ones are the Hepatitis ones because those affect the liver o Alcohol cleans your blood, but destroys your liver  alcoholics get liver cancer o HPV causes cervical cancer o Esptein-Barr virus o Kaposi Sarcoma  Oncogene – gene responsible for causing cancer  Viral oncogene – the viral gene responsible for turning the cellular gene into an oncogene  Tumor suppressor genes – these are the genes that prevent excessive cell division o Chemicals of the viruses turn these genes off so that the cells become cancerous  Cancer – term for excessive cell growth  Benign tumors – highly unlikely that the tumor will grow and spread  Malignant – the tumor is highly likely to grow and spread  Metabolic change – the cells no longer develop or behave like normal cells  Cancer cells require less serum in medium to grow  DNA Tumor Viruses o DNA tumor viruses differ from RNA tumor viruses o Oncogenes are small DNA viruses o HBV o HCV o Adenovirus  EBV o Isolated from lymphoma samples o Teens usually most often affected o Causes mononucleosis  Proteins are immunogenic  Polio is nothing but inactivated virus  Know about HPV vaccine  47 types of adenoviruses  SV-40 o Isolated from green monkey o They isolated it accidentally o DOES NOT CAUSE ANY CYTOPATHIC EFFECTS (no cell changes) o dsDNA, icosahedral o don’t worry about details of SV-40 characteristics  JCV and BKC both cause tumors in humans  Mouth and Oral Cancer o Can be caused by chewing tobacco o In Asian countries people constantly chew tobacco – so they have a high rate of oral cancer  Found that there is some kind of link between viruses and obesity


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