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BI 199 - Week 6 Notes

by: Alex Tucker

BI 199 - Week 6 Notes BI 199

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Biology > BI 199 > BI 199 Week 6 Notes
Alex Tucker

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About this Document

Week 6 Notes
Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies
Lombardi P
Class Notes
AnatomyLab, WeightLoss, ExerciseProgram, QuizBowl
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Tuesday May 31, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BI 199 at University of Oregon taught by Lombardi P in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies in Biology at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 05/31/16
Day 11 (5/3/16) - Anatomy Lab 2, Question 1 - Identify & list muscles that are worked specifically by the straight & bent-knee calf raise. Which muscles are stressed by which unique form of the calf raise? Straight Bent Gastrocnemius stretched & Gastrocnemius slack, Soleus engaged engaged - Anatomy Lab 2, Question 2 - Identify anterior thigh muscles worked by the leg extension exercise. Which of these four (sub) muscles is worked specifically by the last 10 – 15° of the leg extension? - Rectus Femoris - Vastus Intermedius - Vastus Lateralis - Vastus Medialis (worked last 10 – 15° of knee extension) - Anatomy Lab 2, Question 3 - Find & identify muscles that are worked specifically by the chest fly. Why is this exercise described like “hugging an oak tree” or “hugging grandma”? Which joints should be stabilized during the chest fly? What muscle groups are activated by the bench press, but not the chest fly? - Muscles = Petoralis Major (Clavicular / Sternal) & Deltoid - “hugging” motion - Triceps Brachii should be stabilized. - Chest Fly doesn’t activate triceps, but Bench Press does - Anatomy Lab 2, Question 4 - Find & identify three major muscle groups worked by the military press. Classify this exercise as squat, push, or pull. - Muscle groups = shoulder (front / middle), arm (back), & Neck - Push - Anatomy Lab 2, Question 5 - Identify at least three major muscle groups worked by the Lat Pull. Classify this exercise as squat, push, or pull. Can you find the subsections of any of these major muscle groups? Can the subsections you’ve chosen be isolated based on the specific exercise or grip performed? - Muscle groups = Trapezius, Posterior Deltoid, & Latissimus Dorsi - Pull Day 11 (5/3/16) - Trapezius = Superior, Middle, Inferior - Pronated shoulder width of Latissimus Dorsi - 32 wk Transformation?!! 401 lb to 222 lb! - loss of 179 lb in 224 days = .8 lb/d = 5.6 lb/wk = 22.4 lb/mo - Bruce Randall as he appeared when he weighed over 401 lb. performing a Forward Bend exercise w/ 685 lb. - Low back? Knees bent? - And Bruce Randall as he looked when he won the Mr. Universe Contest at a bodyweight of 222 lb. - I’m not sure I believe you! Why can’t I just starve to lose weight? - Total Fast = - No energy nutrients Day 11 (5/3/16) - No carbs, fats, or proteins - Only: water, vitamins, minerals - 60 Day Fast? - Lost 60 lb! Wow! - Yet 26 lb Water 20 lb Lean body mass 14 lb Fat =76.7% FAT < ¼ TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS! - You can lose weight by starving – but it’s mostly water & muscle! Also, there can be complications! - Nausea, diarrhea, persistent vomiting, postural hypotension, nutritional deficiencies, menstrual irregularities, & … sudden death. - Compared to dieting, exercise is superior in inducing body fat % reduction & preserving lean body mass! - Different Programs Program Type Muscular Region Exercises Major - Minor Chest / lower Bench Press, squat, & accessory thigh extremity / leg exercises Back, Shoulder, & Lat Pull, Military Press, Biceps Curl, & Arm Triceps Extension Agonistic - Chest, Shoulder, & Bench Press, Military Press, & Triceps Antagonistic Triceps Extension Lower Extremity, Squat, thigh / leg exercises/ Lat Pull, Back, & Biceps & Back exercises Superior - Inferior Chest, Shoulder, Bench Press, Military Press, Lat Pull, Back, & Arm Biceps Curl, & Triceps Extension Lower Extremity Squat & accessory thigh / leg exercises Quiz Bowl Questions Day 12 (5/5/16) 1. Which of the following is the study or science of structure, that primarily identifies macroscopic structures & asks questions about what & where? A. Physiology B. Anatomy C. Histology D. Biology 2. Abduction is an action that: A. Decreases joint angle. B. Increases joint angle. C. Moves limb away from body midline. D. Moves limb toward body midline. 3. Weight training is least likely to induce substantial improvements in which of the following components of health-related fitness? A. Cardiorespiratory endurance B. Flexibility C. Muscular strength & local muscular endurance D. Body Fat % E. Neuromuscular relaxation 4. Which exercise pair best demonstrates superior-inferior balance? A. Leg Extension – Leg Curl B. Bench Press – Squat C. Biceps Curl – Triceps Extension D. A, B, & C 5. Which muscle groups are worked extensively by the squat, but not by the leg press? A. Gluteal group B. Quadriceps C. Adductors D. Erector Spinae 6. Why use “soft knees” or bend the knees for all standing exercises? A. Decrease tautness of iliopsoas. B. Prevent tugging on lumbar spine. C. Decrease stress on vertical column ligaments. D. Protect lower back. E. All are correct. 7. Which of the following single-joint action exercises is best for working the pectoral group & eliminates the Triceps Brachii? A. Lat Pull Quiz Bowl Questions Day 12 (5/5/16) B. Chest Fly C. Military Press D. Bench Press 8. The Bodybuilder’s Syndrome is a disproportionate focus on the development of which muscle regions? A. Posterior-Inferior B. Anterior-Superior C. Anterior-Posterior D. Superior-Inferior 9. Which exercise best isolates the soleus? A. Russian dead lift B. Straight-knee calf raise C. Bent-knee calf raise D. Lunge 10. Which grip is best for isolating the latissimus dorsi muscles? A. Supinated wide B. Pronated Shoulder-width C. Alternate wide D. Pronated wide


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