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Promotion & Advertising

by: Amy Turk

Promotion & Advertising BUS 10123-002

Amy Turk

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About this Document

Business notes
Exploring Business
Dr. Diane DeRubertis
Class Notes
promotion, Advertising, business
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Turk on Sunday June 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 10123-002 at Kent State University taught by Dr. Diane DeRubertis in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Exploring Business in Business at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 06/05/16
PROMOTION & ADVERTISING Promotion ● A persuasive form of communication ● Attempts to expedite an exchange by influencing others to desire to have the good, service, and idea ● Only one element of the marketing strategy ○ Must be tied to goals of firm ○ Stimulate demand ○ Stabilize sales ○ Inform ○ Remind ○ Reinforce customers ● Promotional positioning​​ to create and maintain an image of a product in buyers’ minds Promotion Strategy ● Goal is to… ○ Communicate with the people, groups, and organizations in a way that encourages marketing exchanges ● Used to influence opinions and attitudes toward organizations, people, or causes Setting The Promotion Mix ● Advertising ○ Reach many buyers ○ Repeat message many times ○ Impersonal ○ Expensive ● Personal selling ○ Personal interaction ○ Relationship building ○ Most expensive promo tool ● Sales promotion ○ Wide assortment of tools ○ Rewards quick response ○ Efforts short-lived ● Public relations ○ Very believable ○ Dramatize a company or product ○ Under utilized ● Direct marketing ○ Nonpublic ○ Immediate ○ Customized ○ Interactive The Promotion Mix ● Advertising ○ Efficient means for reaching large numbers of people ○ High absolute costs ○ Difficult to receive good feedback ● Personal selling ○ Fees pay to salespeople as either salaries or commissions ○ Immediate feedback ○ Very persuasive ○ Can select audience ○ Can give complex info ○ Extremely expensive per exposure ● Public relations ○ Often most credible source in the consumer's’ mind ○ Difficult to get media cooperation ● Sales promotion ○ Effective at changing behavior in short run ○ Very flexible ○ Easily abused ○ Can lead to promotion wars ○ Easily duplicated ● Direct marketing ○ Messages can be prepared quickly ○ Facilitates relationship with customer ○ Declining customer response ○ Database management is expensive ● Integrated promotional strategy ​= process of coordinating the different elements of the promotion mix and synchronizing your promotion as a unified effort Advertising ● A paid non-personal message communicated through mass-media ● Advertising campaigns​ = designing a series of advertisements and positioning them to reach a target audience ● Can make use of traditional, digital or a combination ● Advertising campaign ○ Product’s features, uses and benefits affect the message ○ Characteristics of the target audience influence content form ○ Advertisers use words, symbols and forms familiar to the target audience to communicate effectively ● 2 factors sparked the increase in consumer-generated info ○ Increased tendency for consumers to publish their thoughts, opinions, and reviews of products via blog and other digital media ○ Consumers tend to trust other consumers over corporations Blogs ● Web-based journals through which authors can editorialize and interact with other internet users ● ⅔of internet users read blogs ● Give consumers power over companies because they cannot control what bloggers write


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