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Intro to Visual Arts: Week 1

by: Anna Shulpina

Intro to Visual Arts: Week 1 Arts 1301

Marketplace > Austin Community College > Art Department > Arts 1301 > Intro to Visual Arts Week 1
Anna Shulpina
Austin Community College
GPA 3.03
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About this Document

Living with Art Mark Getlein Introduces concepts such as Paleolithic and Neolithic art, vanitas art, and discusses what artists do
Introduction to Visual Arts
Bethany Ogdon
Class Notes
Art, paintings




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Shulpina on Saturday July 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Arts 1301 at Austin Community College taught by Bethany Ogdon in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Visual Arts in Art Department at Austin Community College.

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Date Created: 07/09/16
Arts 1301: Introduction to Visual Arts: Week 1 *Bird in Flight by Constantin Brancusi,1930: portrays not the bird itself but the idea of it: giving a sense of flight. He called it “the soul liberated from matter”  The impulse for creating art has been incredibly old o Chauvet cave in southeastern France: Oldest known cave painting from 30,000 BCE, example of Upper Paleolithic Art o Unsure of why it was made  Neanderthals did not have an impulse to create anything original  Paleolithic=Old Stone Age: stage of development, not a particular date  Neolithic=New Stone Age: named for new kinds of stone tools invented; domestication of animals and crops: ex: Stonehenge o Stonehenge (megaliths): in Salisbury Plain, England o Oriented to the movements of the sun; sort of calendar possibly *Remember: Stemmed Vessel (from Weifang, Shandong, China): c 2000 BCE: Black pottery: Longshan culture o Is not practical, possibly used for ceremonies o early sophisticated pottery making; China has had the longest continues civilization and so a lot of artsy things come up from it o Neolithic art  “Art”: does not usually have a function: it is a pure aesthetic pleasure  But Greeks did create vases that were used but very rarely Maya Lin and the Veterans War Memorial: Washington DC, 1982  Vanitas: painting portrays items such as skulls, books, maps, calendar, paper, astrolabe, flowers, bubbles, etc.  Shows that death is luring over us; warning sign; time is short and fleeting- do not indulge yourself.  Vanitas originated in Flanders and Netherlands in the 17 century. They’re versions of still life.  Artistic role in Jahangir Receives a Cup from Khursan (Monohar), 17 century: to record and commemorate  In order to appreciate a work of art, it is crucial to know: how and why it was made; place in art history What do artists do?  Create places for some human purpose  Ex: Veterans War Memorial: first leads to death but then reconciles by bringing up to hope (the way it’s structured)  Create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects  Record and commemorate  Give form to the unknown  Give form to feelings and ideas  Allow us see the world in a different way


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