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THE2000 Latino Theatre

by: Anna Cappelli

THE2000 Latino Theatre THE2000

Anna Cappelli
GPA 3.85

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About this Document

These notes cover the readings and the play "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity"
Theatre Appreciation
Charlie Mitchell
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Cappelli on Monday July 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THE2000 at University of Florida taught by Charlie Mitchell in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Theatre Appreciation in Theatre, Humanities at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 07/18/16
Latino Theatre Quiz Question 1 1 / 1 pts From the 1950s to the 80s, half a million Cubans moved to Florida because of ___. political change in Cuba Question 2 1 / 1 pts At the end of the acto Las Dos Caras del Patroncito, the farmworker ____. trades places with the boss Question 3 1 / 1 pts Early Cuban-American theatre concerned itself with political causes such as independence from Spain and anti-slavery. True Question 4 1 / 1 pts Las Dos Caras del Patroncito would best be described as ___. farce Question 5 1 / 1 pts Luis Valdez ____. presented theatre to farm workers Question 6 1 / 1 pts César Chávez ___. was a labor organizer Question 7 1 / 1 pts Agitprop is ___ theatre. political Question 8 1 / 1 pts At the end of Gorilla Radio video clip, media outlets fight over who owns the world. True Question 9 1 / 1 pts The Chicano theatre movement began in the ___. 1970s Question 10 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) In what country did Mace’s family originate? Puerto Rico Question 11 1 / 1 pts (Chad Diety) What is Mace’s criticism of Chad Diety? He's a bad wrestler Question 12 1 / 1 pts (Chad Diety) What was Mace’s criticism of certain wrestling toys? They were stiff so you couldn't play with them Question 13 1 / 1 pts Chad Deity’s signature wrestling move is the _____. power bomb Question 14 1 / 1 pts (Chad Diety) VP’s signature wrestling move was called the ____. sleeper cell Question 15 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) What is VP’s provocative action at the end of act one? He spits on Chad Diety’s poster Question 16 1 / 1 pts (Chad Diety) The two fake nationalities of the "Axis of Enemy" are Mexican and _____. Middle Eastern Question 17 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) What is VP’s reaction when he’s told that he will be the new champ? He rejects it Question 18 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) What is the last image in the play? Chad Diety celebrates for a long time Question 19 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) What does Mace do to EKO, Chad Diety, and Joe Jobroni that ends his wrestling career He attacks them Question 20 1 / 1 pts (Chad Deity) Mace doesn't like his job because he doesn't get to win. False


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