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Week 9

by: Haley Ruhe

Week 9 PHIL 150A1

Haley Ruhe
GPA 3.1
Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual
Shaun Nichols

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About this Document

Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual
Shaun Nichols
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ruhe on Sunday March 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 150A1 at University of Arizona taught by Shaun Nichols in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 145 views. For similar materials see Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 03/22/15
Ch 8 Con ict amp Cohesion 03092015 Con ict l disagreementdisharmony that occurs when members express differences regarding group goals Con ict in groups 0 Effective balance between con ict amp cohesion dialect o Inevitable Constructive con ict is good 0 Types 0 Substantive l ideas amp goals Individual v group goal Hidden agendas o Affective l personalities amp beliefs Can occur when members don t feel appreciated or feel threatened by a struggle for power A personal relationship affects the entire group when it turns sour 0 Procedural l method amp process Differences in preferences regarding process for accomplishing group goals a Moving on to the next topic voting etc 0 Ways to express con ict 0 Constructive con ict l when members express disagreement in a way that values everyone s contributions amp promotes group goal 0 Destructive I members create hostility amp prevent group from achieving goal 0 Attribution theory l blame negative consequences on external forces amp attribute positive consequences on own behavior Snap judgments Selfserving bias l blame negative consequences on external forces amp attribute positive consequences on own behavior Con ict styles Avoidance 0 Accommodation 0 Competition Compromise Collaboration Cyberspace Con ict management strategies AElOU Wasinski s model 0 Collaboration amp positive intention 0 Every member must want to resolve con ict amp not play the quotblame gamequot 0 5 steps to resolve con ict A assume other person means well E express feelings I identify what you would like to happen Ooutcomes you expect are clear U understanding is achieved 0 Principled negotiation 4 elements a people a interests I options a criteria 0 Mediation TPl Requirements 0 Arbitration TPl Consciousness 03092015 Conscious experience overview Consciousness what it feels likewhat you experience Qualitative 0 Ex what coffee smells like Mary the vision scientist Mary is an expert on the color red amp has full functionalist understanding of red BUT she s colorblind amp has never actually seen red Functionalism about consciousness Just like functionalism for beliefs and conscious states it s all the same Conscious states brain states that follow certain casual patterns functional roles Inputs outputs casual connections to other mental states 0 Reducing the mind to casual patterns is ambitious Same functional role l same conscious state Functionalism s says you can t have 2 things with different mental states but the same functional role Materialist functionalism l everything mental is just a pattern of casual physical relationships Clicker questions 0 If 2 physical states have the same functional role then they can t be diferent mental states true 0 If we created a robot that duplicated the functional role of pain would that mean that the robot felt pain yes Chalmer s Philosophical Zombies l looks amp acts like a regular experience except there is no conscious experience Inverted spectra l different experience but same functional role 0 Indicates that having the same functional role does not ensure the same conscious experience Functionalism leaves out what something FEELS like actual expedence What makes something a conscious state is not the inputsoutputs but the way the state feels 0 Ex pain Thomas Huxley l Gives no official answer to where consciousness emergescomes from Some believe it means that dualism was right after all Clicker Question According to functionalism the essence of a mental state is how it feels not its functional role false Chalmer s easy amp hard problems about consciousness Easy solved by materialist functionalism amp cognitive science 000000 0 Ability to categorize amp react to environmental stimuli Integration of info by a cognitive system Reportability of mental states Ability of a system to access its own internal states Focus of attention Control of behavior Wakefulness v sleep 0 Hard l philosophically problematic O Expenences Why they feel a certain way Why they exist 0 Result explanatory gap even if something is reductively explained questionsreservations will always remain Blindsight Result of brain damage to the visual system causing a lack of visual expedence 0 Patients with blindsight are still able to perform many functions related to vision Physicalism 6 consciousness Consciousness l purely physical 2 key ideas conscious states physical states 0 all facts physical facts including facts about consciousness consciousness is physically explainable o a physical explanation would be a complete explanation of consciousness Explanatory gap for pain According to functionalism pain is simply casual patterns 0 doesn t explain why we feel pain at all


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