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Visual Culture and Literacy, Week 4

by: Carole Boulware

Visual Culture and Literacy, Week 4 FACS 150

Marketplace > University of Southern California > Art History > FACS 150 > Visual Culture and Literacy Week 4
Carole Boulware
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Visual Culture and Literacy, Week 4
Visual Culture and Literacy I
Erin Silver
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carole Boulware on Wednesday July 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FACS 150 at University of Southern California taught by Erin Silver in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Visual Culture and Literacy I in Art History at University of Southern California.


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Date Created: 07/20/16
German Expressionism Influence of immediacy of fauvist works, Austrian expressionism, ragged brushstrokes Color plays a prominent role Powerful emotional canvases Leading up to WWI Dresden, 1905 - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner lead group paving way to a new age Group called Die Brücke = the bridge Protest decadence of those in power Detrimental effects of urbanization Alienation from modern life Goals = call together all youth, carry the future, freedom of life "Street Dresden" Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - 1908, dated 1907 Framing, distortion Boldness of the figures, approaching the viewers - confrontation Deep perspective - recess into back of canvas Harshness in the rendering, ghoulish Vibrant hues - contrast with sense of alienation Emil Nolde "Saint Mary of Egypt Among Sinners" 1912 Religious imagery Body manipulated toward expressionist aims Lustful figures, amplified grotesqueness Second group - Der Blaue Weiter Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc founders - mutual interest in the color blue & horses Producing paintings that get an emotional response from viewers Kandinsky "Improvisation 28" 1912 Abstracted canvas Theosophy - incorporates Buddhism and mysticism Interest in the occult & science - material objects have no real substance Artists must combine elements of art to express emotion Emphasis on spiritualism Marc "Fate of the Animals" 1913 Pessimistic about state of humanity - WWI approaching Humans are flawed, turned to animal world Iconography of color Represent culmination of color exploration Trapped in a forest Apocalyptic in nature Distorted, shattered - extreme colors Marc died in battle Embrace of Abstraction Pablo Picasso Introduces significant moment in history of modern art - cubism First mastered realist techniques 1890s - experiment with wide range of visual abstraction Quest for innovation Realism, impressionism, blue period 1907 - African sculpture & Cezanne - primitivism Pablo Picasso "Gertrude Stein" 1905-1906 Abandoned canvas after a while Simplified form Variety of perspective - like cubism Pablo Picasso "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" 1907 Opening the door to radically new method or representing form and space Move toward abstraction Fractured their shapes and interwove them with jagged planes Radical - inconsistently depicts figures Inspired by ancient Iberian sculptures Simultaneous different perspectives Acts as a mirror of the world - interplay between time and space Departure from visual reality "depict forms as I think them, not as I see them" Rejected from collections Paris salons - bohemian Paris Emergence of public sphere Participation and leadership of women Man Ray "Gertrude Stein And Alice Toklas in the Apartment at 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris" 1922 England was haven from war Alice Pile Barney "Natalie in Fur Cape" 1897 Natalie had Interest in women's literature, started a women's academy Openly lesbian Romaine Brooks "Natalie Barney" 1920 Romaine Brooks "Self Portrait" 1923 Literary circles connected - Virginia Woolf Bloomsbury group English writers, intellectuals, artists Enjoyment of experience and pursuit of knowledge Vanessa Bell "Self-portrait" 1915 Against conventions of Victorian life Vanessa Bell "Virginia Woolf Knitting" 1911 Roger Fry "Portrait of Clive Bell" 1924 Many affairs and 'love triangles' Cubism radical turning point - dismissal of pictorial illusionism Dominate western art Rejecting naturalist depictions Use of simpler forms - use geometric forms to represent nature Avant Garde critique - public's decreased faith in ideal world Critique of traditional aesthetics


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