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Microcomputer Applications for Business Chapter 6

by: Gianna Molinare

Microcomputer Applications for Business Chapter 6 CGS2100

Marketplace > Florida State University > CGS2100 > Microcomputer Applications for Business Chapter 6
Gianna Molinare

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About this Document

These notes are based on chapter 6 from the Pearson textbook on Understanding and Assessing Hardware evaluating your system. This will be part on Exam #2.
Intro to Microcomputer Applications for Business
Jack Winston
Class Notes
Computer, business
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gianna Molinare on Wednesday July 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CGS2100 at Florida State University taught by Jack Winston in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 135 views.


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Date Created: 07/20/16
Ch 6 Understanding & assessing Hardware: evaluating your system  Your ideal computer o New tech emerge quickly o Things to consider:  Speed  Moore's Law  Predicted computer's capacity will double every few years  System components  Give you performance you need, compatibility  Hard drive storage capacity o Huge number of choices  Tablets  Ultrabooks  Netbooks  Tablet PC's  Laptops  Desktops o Mobility vs processing power  Evaluating CPU subsystem o CPU  Located on motherboard  Processes instructions  Performs calculations  Manages flow of info  Intel i5 & i7 processors o How CPU works  Composed of 2 units: control unit & Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)  Machine cycle: fetch, decode, execute, store o CPU's factors  CPU's processing power:  clock speed,  Power users- clock speed is very important; consider whether overclocking is worth sacrificing CPU longevity  Casual/Mobile users: clock speed isn't as important  overclocking,  cores,  Power users: get as many cores as possible  Casual users: fewer cores is acceptable  Mobile users: low power draw is more critical than number of cores  cache memory  Power users: paying for more cache memory is a good investment  Casual/mobile users: save your money  Multiple cores  Hyperthreading o Random access memory (RAM)  Short-term memory storage  Volatile storage o Read-only memory (ROM)  Start-up instructions stored here  Permanent nonvolatile storage o RAM in your system  Types- double data rate 3 (DDR3) & double data rate 5 (DDR5)  Memory modules  Dual inline memory modules  Mechanical hard drives o Coated platters stacked on a spindle o Data saved as pattern of magnetized spots of 1s and 0s o Patterns of spots are translated into data  Solid-state drives  Optical drives o Tiny pits burned into disc by high-speed lase  Evaluating video & audio subsystems o Video cards  Video display depends on 2 components: video card & monitor  Ports  DVI  HDMI  Display Port adapter  Video memory  Screen resolution dialog box  Advanced settings  Graphics processing unit (GPU) o Speakers & sound card o 3-D tech o Surround sound o Dolby Digital 7.1  Evaluating system reliability o Performance problems o Proper upkeep & maintenance  Getting rid of your old computer o Benefits of maintaining 2 systems o Environmental impact  Mercury  Cadmium o Donate o Remove all data before donating


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