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GEOG 203 11/26

by: Seleste Garcia

GEOG 203 11/26 GEOG 203

Seleste Garcia
Texas A&M

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About this Document

Globalization of the Village
Peter Hugil
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Seleste Garcia on Friday July 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 203 at Texas A&M University taught by Peter Hugil in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Globalization of the Village in Geography at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 07/22/16
11/26/14 Fig 13.23: language complexity in SE Asia  Colonial lang survive esp- French Fig 13.26- geopolitical issues in SE Asia Fig 13.32-spratly islands Geopolitical issues in SE Asia  Spratly islands claimed by china,Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan.vietnam,  Area may have lots of oil  Struggle within phillipines b/w Christian majority& muslim  *  Indonesia o Internal srife b/w Islamic majority & Christians o Long thought peaceful o E end of timor now separated by Australia o Gotten along well Indo & Australia –when trading  Burma total mess “Sin Cities” in SE Asia  Russian mafia thought incolved o Clubs have Russian as well as thai girls  Thailand 15 ranking those “living with AIDS” th  Indonesia 19 . bali night club 13.27- colonial se asia  Started with Indians  No record of inslaminc  Chinese pushed south into Vietnam o Chinese viet war- viet won  Spain. Portugal, Holland , br,fr, us, japan all had colonies  Only Thailand colonized  French attempted to retun to viet  Us final colonial pwr 13.28- last ve Early sivaite temple- 7 layers= 7 layers of heaven Angkor –ag smart had 3 reservoirs so when dry period hit thy still had water Indian imagery at Angkor  Many exotic carvings  Chines noticed Fig 13.20: the chinese diaspora  1840s ciaos  chinese have long spread throughout region as merchant class  catholic church- thinks borrowing money= go to hell  islam= don’t lend money to fellow interest of others in Islamic person who is Islamic Colonization in SE Asia 1500-1899  Europe expansion transformed region after 1500  Spanish had to cross pacific from phillipines to mex, then back to spain b/c treaty of tordesillas  Portugese sneaked into E Timor  Dutch e india co chased Portuguese out, established most extensive colonies in region o Portuguese don’t get it $$ b/c of Catholicism o Dutch have great idea about global expansion- $$ = work, that’s how you glorify God  Such found spice island not on a cash  * Colonization in SE Asia 1800-1970’s  british took straits of Malacca after Napoleonic war  british run world after Napoleonic war o invest in other economies  flos-ag circles, cotton, food, capital,  British used Burma to grow opium & reverse terms of trade w/china  French interested for lots of reasons-  *


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