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art history week 5

by: Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

art history week 5 art history 6b

Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

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About this Document

week 5 notes
Renaissance and Baroque
Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anahit Ghaltaghchyan on Sunday July 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to art history 6b at University of California Santa Barbara taught by zumaya in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Renaissance and Baroque in Art History at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 07/24/16
Illusion of extended space Audience being witness to a miracle taking place View into heaven Very naturalistic of it all happening right above your head Making the divine more believable Psychologically aggressive Caravaggio Bacchus 1595 Rival with Annibale beautifully painted God of vine Strategy to approaching classical antiquity RADICAL Caravaggio St Jerome 1606 Translated the bible from greek to latin Characterizes the subject as discipline/dedication to his sainthood Dramatic light, creates sharp contrast between light and dark Essential lighting for modeling the light and shade to create an illusion of space Radically simplifies the modeling of light to dark Gives emotional concentration to the painting itself because of the simplicity of lighting Translating as much of the bible as possible before death (skull) Calculated for maximum effect yet very simple Compare living and dead Makes one thing of the meaning of ones work in relation to death Cerasi Chapel, Santa Maria del Popolo decorations by Annibale Carraci and Caravaggio 1600-1 Set Annibale vs Caravaggio up against each other, completed by their rivalry to produce something better than the other Caravaggio Martydom of St Peter 1600- 1 St peter asked to be crucified upside down because he wasn’t worth being crucified the same way that his savior (Jesus) was. Brutal suffering. Makes you register the pain of being hung upside down Maximum drama, seeing his face against pitch black background Barbarity of doing this to an old man- makes it much more compelling Very expressive facial expression Accepting of his death, enduring the pain through every ounce of strength Very original and powerful Caravaggio Conversion of St Paul Counter intuitive way of approaching this subject Effect of putting st paul (very helpless) at the bottom of the painting is even more powerful St paul- jew, converted to Christianity “Only when you blinded me when I truly saw” paradox Death of the Virgin 1605 “inappropriate” “ too radical” denied by the people who commissioned the painting Not very graceful death Weeping in a very genuine way Grief over death, no sign of heavenly ascent Wearing red, red drapery Did not make use of conventions that are usually shown in Virgin Marys death Undealized way of representing the virgin (looks like normal woman) Feet project out toward viewer, bottoms of feet dirty Not liked by many people of the time, seen as disrespectful Guido Reni, Martyrdom of St Peter 1604-5 Combining Caravaggio and Annibale Student of Annibale More graceful Reaching for the ray of light from the top Guido Reni Immaculate Conception 1627 Looks like Raphael’s Sistine Madonna Other worldly Guido Reni’s own style established Faced famous for looking up Purity and Sweetness More appropriate for the theme People believed he outdid Titian’s Baroque sculpture Gianlorenzo Bernini, Pluto and Persephone 1621-1622 Extraordinary skill of marble carving Massive contrast- bulky muscular body of Pluto and very delicate body of Persephone Wind in hair, Pluto is in motion Fingers spread on her arm, very difficult to do Bernini Cornaro Chapel 1645-52 Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Out of body experience because of the drapery of her clothing Different textures throughout the sculpture Piazza Navona Four Rivers Fountain Can see through the base Carlo Madarno Façade St Peter’s 1607-15 Bernini, baldachin 1624-33 Theatrical effect Angels holding the entire structure up with no effort 93% Bernini St Peter’s Square begin 1658. Inevitable order Façade of church seems grander because the arms on each side of the church widen as you walk towards the church Envisioned as the arms of the church reaching out to embrace any pilgrim that has traveled to the church Animated architecture Safe harbor Overwhelming Peter Paul Rubens Elevation of the cross 1610 Drama and movement- cross at an angle Dynamic Chris skin pale- emphasizes his purity Compared to more tan and toned men at work Prometheus 1611 Gave humans the gift of fire Zeus very furious, had an eagle pick out his liver every day, and had the liver grow back so it could be picked out again Heroic suffering , Laocoon


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