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Final Notes

by: Anna Notetaker

Final Notes Engl222

Anna Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes are all the short stories covered in class with all the information you need to know for the exam (author, characters, origin of story,etc)
American Literature
Dr. Jones
Class Notes
english, Literature
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Notetaker on Monday July 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Engl222 at University of Mississippi taught by Dr. Jones in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see American Literature in English at University of Mississippi.


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Date Created: 07/25/16
Crocodile story o Man telling the story o Main theme: narrator coming to learn concepts of homosexuality through rumors o Main characters: Ola (life or to live) o All these rumors are surrounding this character and all of them aren’t true but in reality, her mother has died in private life o Ola has this moment where she realizes something more deep o Sterotyping** o Mrs. Wilkerson - Themes of Tell-Tale Heart  First person eye narration  He explains that hes not crazy but he makes himself come off that way  Theme: madness, its linked to hearing/seeing things  Firs things he tells you from heaven and hell (heart beat under the floor)  Idea of unreliable narration  Character remains unnamed Seeing England for the First Time  Essay  First person speaker  Interested in post colonialism  First contact with what England is  Idealism vs. reality  Colonial education and Post-Colonialism, Race  Lives in a colonial territory of England o No education on her culture but on just England where she doesn’t live o Always knows things about England, history, etc.  Grows up and sees England for what it is o Sees what the result of England’s colonialism has on her culture  Goes to see England o “Has a prejudice against England” o Doesn’t have the qualities that everyone talks about  White Cloves Of Dober o They’re not actually white o Racial and controlling by calling it white  Her entire upbringing has been taught about the “greatness” of England Ruins of A Great House  Main thing: filled with literary and historical illusions o Refers to Faulkner, and various slave traders  LOOK AT PARTICULAR ILLUSIONS  Finds things that are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful but knowing the past and history behind it contradicts the beauty  Filled with contradictions o Wonderful things that have come out of colonialism but also the very dark things that came from it as well o Metaphor of the great House: colonial house of the plantation home that is on the colonial lands but when colonialism went away the house wasn’t moved but wasn’t taken care of o The Decaying Great House – what is left of colonialism o Lingering presence Return Eye  She returns home and she sees everything that’s still there o The street, the village (vibrant place), landscape (imagery)  Unnamed Speaker  Realtes to ^^^^^^ about reminence Death Constant Beyond Love  Magical realism  Connect more to emotions in the character rather than reality  Lessons about trying to connect reality to the imaginary world Pito’s Story  He is very short  Talks to his neighbor everyday but no response  Hears loud knocking on the door one night and grabs his gun  The cops went to get Pito and the woman with him o Makes a deal so that the girl can go o The police break in and he gets murdered  Julio is the speaker  There is a blood stain o What does he say about it? Says “I can get you a good lawyer” o Paptio doesnt speak back o Out of place humor o Relates back to stylitics The Birthmark  Driven by the birthmark o Creates a disturbance o Looks like a hand o Its something that he wants to remove White Fantast, Black Fact 22 questions short answers (quiz questions) passage IDs only pick 4 essay section – few prompts pick one based on theme (communication, post colonialism) one poem one book one story READ INSTRUCTIONS *continent specific Death Beyond Love Senator finds out that he is going to die Married but falls in love with someone else Continues his campaign, gonna fix the slum Nelson (dad) wants a fake ID because hes a fugitive and wants to start new, will trade senator the key to his daughters hoohaa


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