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by: Allison Anderson
Allison Anderson

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About this Document

Introduction to Phonetics
Kathryn Burkhalter Pittman
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allison Anderson on Monday July 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CSD 211 at University of Mississippi taught by Kathryn Burkhalter Pittman in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Phonetics in Communication Disorders & Sciences at University of Mississippi.

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Date Created: 07/25/16
Allison Hines Anderson th 4927 6 Place Meridian, Mississippi 39305 (601) 479-4212 Summary I am an outgoing person, with a great enthusiastic personality. I am willing to do anything for others. I always put others first. I also am a very easy person to talk to and like to get work done the right way. I enjoy working with children. Highlights  Flexible and adaptive  Calm under pressure  Excellent communication skills  Cheerful and energetic  Computer-savvy  Highly organized  Excellent time management Education 2018 University of Mississii xford, Mississippi Sophomore: Communications and Disorders Coursework in Early Childhood Development and Child Psychology GPA: 3.30 Experience 08/2015-to present The Retreat at Oxford- Oxford, MS  Community Assistant for a semester  Worked at front of leasing desk  Organized files  Decorated during holidays  On-call two nights every pay period 11/2014 Freetextbooks Representative  Collect textbooks for Freetextbooks Company  Shipped textbooks  Delivered incentive items to potential costumers  Delivered textbooks to customers at the beginning of each semester 01/2016 Toga Representative  Used Excel worksheet to enter sorority event dates at the beginning of each semester 05/2014- 06/2014 Margie’s Mixing Bowl- Meridian, MS  Customer Service Representative  Handled cash register  Occasionally helped bake 05/2013- 07/2013 Plant the Earth- Meridian, MS  Sales Associate  Arranged items in favorable positions around areas of the store for the optimal sale  Ensured the store was always clean  Organized plants in sections in green house Extra-Curricular Activities  Delta Gamma  USTA (United States Tennis Association)  CRU (Crusade)  Reformed Youth Ministries (RUF)  Babysitting  Parade of Beauties Freshman and Sophomore year  Relay For Life Volunteer Activities  Mothers Day Out  Bingo at nursing home  Princess Ball  “Empty Bowl”  Veterans Day Cards  Intramural sports  Helped with ASB Campaign  Rebelthon  Leap Frog  Boys and Girls Club  Filled Easter Eggs  North Mississippi Regional Center Helper References  Megan Davis 601-938-0696  Melody Pennington 601-938-1652  Susan Coffin 601-917-5541  Kim Knight 601-917-2585


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