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Biology Lab 1

by: Natalia Corbo
Natalia Corbo
CU Denver
GPA 3.77

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About this Document

These are the first set of notes that go with the Basic Biology Lab that corresponds with the Basic Bio class. This is the lab write-up that I did that you can use as notes for when you do the lab ...
Basic Biology
Class Notes
Biology, antimicrobial drugs antibiotics semisynthetic synthetic antibacterial bacteriocidal bacteriostatic antifungal antiprotozoal antiviral resistance natural selection genes modification transposable elements transducing phages plasmid transfer recombination e, lab, petri, Bacteria, life, Science
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natalia Corbo on Tuesday July 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Biol 1550 at University of Colorado Denver taught by Dr.Reiger in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Basic Biology in Biology (105, Biol for the Health Sciences) at University of Colorado Denver.

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Date Created: 07/26/16
Antibiotics Lab  Natalia Corbo  1. Antibiotic resistance is when bacteria can grow within antibiotics and thus  deeming the antibiotic ineffective to prevent bacterial growth. This happens when in a  random population bacteria gain genes that allow them to resist antibiotics. Because of  the principles of natural selection, this bacteria in the population that is resistant will then become the dominant strain, due to it being more capable of survival than the bacteria  that cannot withstand the antibiotic.  2.  Observations of Agar Plates  Types of Species in Plates Plate A(Swab )­ 8 different bacteria types, 1 fungi, large variety of species  Plate B(E.Coli w/ simple green)­ 2­3 types with 20 small ones and 2 large ones.  Plate C (Zipper tie) ­ Very dangerous; filled with bacteria and leaked/ No data collected Color and Texture in Plates  Plate D(E.Coli w/vinegar)­ very few bacteria, cloudy and spread out thin.  Halo  Plate A­ No Halo but not bacteria surrounding the  Plate B­ No Halo, bacteria surrounding the antibiotic  Plate C­ No data Plate D­ Small Halo around the antibiotic  3)  Antibiotic Resistance Plate A­ No Growth. My plate did not show any antibiotic resistance since the bacteria  did not grow up to the point where the antibiotic, tetracycline, was located in the plate.  Plate C ­ No data, plate was leaked and damaged before any data could be collected.  4) Antibiotic Properties  Plate D­ Plate D­ A Halo surrounded outside of the antibiotic (vinegar). The vinegar  shows antibiotic properties  because the cloudy bacteria stops growing once it reaches the halo  line. This halo is about 3.5 mm.    Plate B­ 0 bacteria surrounded the entire antibiotic (simple green) The Simple Green  shows weak antibiotic properties because the bacteria has surrounded the halo and crossed  over into the Simple Green formula.  5)  3 Possible Hypotheses a) Simple Green is not as effective as vinegar in resisting E. Coli  bacteria. b)  Zipper Jackets have more of a variety and heavier amount of  bacteria on them than door handles.  c)  Tetracycline is more effective than vinegar in resisting bacteria. 


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