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Class Notes from Week of March 16th

by: Amanda Rewerts

Class Notes from Week of March 16th PSC 2446

Marketplace > George Washington University > Political Science > PSC 2446 > Class Notes from Week of March 16th
Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
US Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders

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About this Document

We went over the paper guidelines on Monday and then went over the Vietnam War on Wednesday and watched parts of the documentary "Fog of War" There is a slides about the paper on Blackboard. It isn...
US Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Sunday March 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2446 at George Washington University taught by Elizabeth Saunders in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see US Foreign Policy in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 03/22/15
March 16 18 US Foreign Policy Class Notes VIETNAM WAR NOTES 316 See blackboard for power point on how to write paper due in April 3 18 Vietnam War Notes 0 58000 people died 0 Think about it in the context of the Cold War 0 Popular supporting was there during the beginning of War 0 People who resolved Cuban Missile Crisis also were still around for the Vietnam War crisis 0 Why was the US able to risk so many lives 0 US could accept Cuban as Communist but not the Vietnamese 0 It dropped more bombs in Cambodia than they ever dropped in W11 0 1 million Vietnamese Died in Combat 0 60000 Americans died in Combat 0 Lost more Vietnamese than Americans 0 Vietnam War lasted 8 years 0 1St started with the Truman Administration 0 1945 Japanese are defeated by Ho Chi Minh spelling North Vietnamese leader 0 Vietnamese and now the South Vietnamese asked for US help to get their independence from the Communist North 0 Vietnam was originally a French colony and had fought the French for their own independence 0 Domino Theory if one country goes then so will the rest of them 0 Eisenhower didn t want to get involved with French and Vietnamese power struggle 0 China and Vietnamese would be communists if they succeed in Vietnam 0 Ho Chi Minh wanted to write Vietnamese under Communist Rule 0 Ho Chi Minh was a Nationalist 0 JFK was elected in 1961 0 JFK doesn t want Vietnam to fall to Communism 0 JFK increases soldiers in Vietnam in North to help Vietnam not to fall against Communist 0 US supported coup of 1963 in South Vietnam 0 South Vietnam become very unstable 0 LBJ doesn t like coups o Tompkin War Resolution by LBJ on 1965 o By the end of 1965 US is bogged down by so many efforts in Vietname 0 Johnson doesn t make all of these decisions and some of them are inevitable 4 Diagnosis 1 Quagmire Slipperly Slope a Some of this is in Thomson b US officials didn t realize what they were getting into c No idea it was going to be this large d Slow boil adding a few new troops every year and then they add up over time not realizing how many they had there in total and the BOOM large amount of soldiers e Pentagon always learns from these mistakes f Pentagon papers argues that this was the case and the right theory 2 The System Worked a Gelb the Presidents knew what was going to happen Truman Eisenhower JFK and LBJ all wanted to continue this going b Doing more than predecessors but less than the amount to win the war c Had nothing to do with Vietnam but wanted to show the World they are serious about there threats the Presidents never put in enough to actually win the point was to keep fighting and to win in the long run but not very quickly 3 Johnson s Fault individuals a LongevallJohnson idea to do this all b LBJ wanted to focus on domestic priorities c LBJ but didn t want to seem weak on intl policies d LBJ plan to get reelected and to make Dems look good e Show Europe were serious about Germany 4 Defense Spending a Gaddis war like the Vietnam War b Democrats are likely to spend more on the war which leads to more war Why does this matter 0 4 Prescriptions o QuagmireSlippery slope I Improve info ow fix the bureaucracy etc and better information or alarm bells going off 0 The System Worked I Challenge assumptions stop and ask us was it o Johnson s Fault individuals I Elect better leaders 0 Defense Spending I Starve the Beast How you diagnose it effects how you will x the problem KEY TAKEAWAY The Fog of the War Documentary Clips watching I The Draft and Large Defense spending were still there I In Vietnam it was more of civil war as it was for independence I As late in 1968 people thought it wasn t a mistake to go to into the Vietnam War I It took a long time for protests to happen I They wanted the results but with no costs I Nixon had been kinda regulated by Congress but wasn t until 1964 I Presidents have secrecy I Why didn t these checks and balances kick in 0 They did but not until later because of Presidential secrecy


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