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These note is made from McCarthy's lectures; includes class notes and study guide

by: liveon507 Notetaker

These note is made from McCarthy's lectures; includes class notes and study guide CIS 105

Marketplace > Arizona State University > CIS 105 > These note is made from McCarthy s lectures includes class notes and study guide
liveon507 Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes covers the essential terms and meaning of the key words that McCarthy includes on his exams.
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy
Class Notes
Computing, information technology
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by liveon507 Notetaker on Saturday July 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Wood, McCarthy in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 07/30/16
st Monday, 21 of March: Risk management- recognizes a problem We have all our stuff on the cloud, Who gets to look at your cloud?- Hackers hijack processing cycle, speed, storage space Hijacking you, if I gave you a virus, I wanna put a virus and steal a bunch of stuff Some computers are extremely easy to breach #What % of time can they get your pw? 50% #How fast did daren break into an incredible protected computer? 45 seconds #Breaks into an entire network By setting up intranets MyASU, is an intranet Firewall lets the good guys in with password, typically uses a proxy server Key aspect is privacy, guarded by hardware and software. Whats mal means? Malicious They are extremely dangerous Who benefits from virus? Worms are like viruses Trojan horses seem harmless, they wait for event, once the event happens, the virus comes out of the Trojan horse and reads on the computer #how do you know if you have spyware? DoS- worst one, denial of service, attempts to make your computer or any other resource unavailable -it will find the anti virus and it will kill it -it gives your quarter a heart attack Keylogging is when a user signs in to a computer work station and covertly records every keystroke All computer files should be backed up, #Does the cloud need back up? Yes Whats a pass phase? It’s a strong pw The main piece of information We don’t have any privacy SCAM- Stingy , Check, Ask, Maintain 04/03/16- chapter 12 Most REPORTS are PERIODIC. Some reports #adhoc report or demand report Reports #are to make decisions- #1.strategic decisions- long term decisions #uses internal info within a company and external info outside of the company. #2.tactical decisions are getting something done; internal First kodac camera cost $20000 #Captive import- Tps- transaction processing system Biggest mistake- simply a diff format of the same report. How often is a spreadsheet wrong? 7% 1 database has 3 diff format. Spreadshits are more dangerous. Xxx Actual num, previous num, Var=actual-previous Illiquid money-not spendable What sucks? +V or –V? they both suck. Knowledge cjeck 13 What level uses most summarized? Executives Supervise reports are what?- Tps report support what type of decions-tactical dec What knd of dec req spec acions- tactical Reports wd onky internal data- tactical What provides the groundwork for all other-tps Completely summarized supports what? Tps Tps are based on what kind f app s-database Long term? Strategic Reports with most summarized? Strategic Demand reports-adhoc reports Reports with most detail-tactical Stealing a detailed report?-summarization What des tps- transaction processing sustem Subtracting- variance Most reports are-periodic Which level reports use internal data? Labourors Tenancies and business-sth reporting Internal and external? Executives What level uses the most detailed? What reports are visual-graphical Highest- tps The purpose for br is do what? Make decisions 11 April, 2016, McCarthy: FINAL EXAM Monday May 2 ndMidnight: Information technology is everywhere Know the business you would get in Service professional get out of Devry. Some aspects are responsible for surfing stuff. Cio- highest state Software tools system development life cycle, unified modelling language To modify a legacy system- THE HARDEST TASK IN CIS Unified modeling language-UML-is a blue print(not a program): its not really that bad RFP - Request for proposal, Network administrator-the most trusted person Application with Analyze resource planning software 1. 2. object orientated s 3. o oriented design 4. sequence diagram Bookmark? Website visits you Cookie is a text file Graphic files Internet service providers Meta search engine that lets you put in one word. It will call out al the results 3 things about ecommerce: B2B BTC C2C Ctc examples: e-bay What a virus is. Browswer hijacking Malware-maliciousware VOIP-SUBSET OF TELEPHONY Intranet-private version of internet Hardware is a PROXY server Meta task Java script is a client side program. Add on 2 kinds of website: static-it never changes Dynamic-facebook, server side process Hypertext mark up language www elements, diff between fat client and thin client- fat client-software wid nourmous ms access. Powerful, diff to distribute adv: free disadv: bad language thin client-ww distribution cost per action-roman com security: risk management unsecured com easy top reach computer virus: virus that reproduce wroms light viruses, Trojan horse-comp date changes Malware Deadly virus: DoS: Password: Whats catchphrase: it’s a memorable strong pw Identity theft- for economic gain Do you have any privacy? No. SCAM-be stingy Whats the A stand for? Ask, m stand for maintain Strategic and tactical: Risk management- recognition that sth can go sideways Cpm-roman numeral for a 1000 is m Cost per action Unsecured computer are easy to reach Computer viruses are files that can reproduce Malware: virus, worms, Trojan DoS-most malicious Passphrase-memorable strong pw 5 core functional behaviours: Accounting- GAAP- Generally accepted accounting principal; PREPARING, PRESENTING, AND REPORTING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS SOX- Accounting law enacted to counter fraudulent reporting Fraudulent way GAAP - hr does everything for a person in a business- hiring, beig therer MARKETING - product, pricing ,promotion, placement. Who made? E Jeromy Mc carthy Promotion of the business prodects. Products are goods and services RND - must be feasible. Inner com and collaboration BETWEEN FB Production-make goods but also make services Also looking for maximum profits abd best orice to make It is what provides- lowest level of collaboration is a discussion board The first post of DB-thread Thr cheapest way 5 core of FB is thru a CB Texting, project management software provides business a way to collaborate Knowledge m s-share your knowledge with everyone else. Ex of online application software; google docs and spreadsheets Recording Reason to record- to make business decisions Tactical-lower level; info from within Strategic-upper level: internal and external; for long term decision making Where does the decision come from? TPS- it’s a data base, detailed possible report, every report come from tps. They become more summarized at the very top CEO- She reads it and great its summarized The more detailed- the lower it is on the food chain, tactical one Tactical- detailed decision Strategic-CEO-summarized Consultant Service person- how to wire printer CHAP 14; IT Consultants- value add: High estate person- CIO- responsible for everything IT in a company Head app developer responsible for teamed app developoers make design, and program and test software Use tool for sdlc, go through it step by step, system development life cycle #Uml is only the blue print for an app; show what the programming looks like- unified modified language Legacy system-difficult to change; application artificats- screen interfaces Middleware- make stuff looks good, computer program that connects application and design toigether Database adm-guarantee smooth operation of a database Networking adm-trusted, makie sure that network is tuned, runs very well IT audtiors-they audit and security Senior web developers make thin clients Thin clients- inside the internet secured by a hardware BI analyst- makes sense out of org and data, try to get predictive stuff #know the business- DATABASE Database def- row is a record Colum is a FIELD The most valuable is a TABLE. Data resides in TABLES, Tables can be combined, called RELATIONSHIPS DBMS Moist imp- ask a question or query Relating tables- ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM, (ERM) Representation of data, produces ##SCHEMA FILL OUT FIELD, DATA INTEGRITY TECHNIQUES, AVOID TYPING ERRORS #database avoid DATA REDUNDANCY Sql(structured)- standard query lang for all databases Select title FIELD book TABLE Price FIELD Title FIELD CLOUD COMPUTING: Hard drive that youre using that is connecting by other internet DISADV: If the internet is down, im down Security IAAS- using sbd else comp smn else connected by a network STAAS-hard drive that im using connected by the internet SAAS- Software over to cloud. On demand software; software as a service deliever as a client PAAS-Deliver me my window, deliver my mac os 4 business- predict based on my data, DSS- it was to validate your decisions; 2 decisions tactic al and strategic Big Data 3 kinds of data Structured - fixed Unstructured data- hard to read, needs to be #normalized 80% unstructured Semi structure - somewhere in between 4 Vs Store it in a Data Warehouse Not big company, I use in data mart ETL- I extract it. From crm systems- customer relationship management systems- holds info Transform data- to make it usable Unstructured- u must normalize it Data warehousing- pulling data to me Hadoop- going out and getting the data where it resides Hadoop is more exp because you need to hire a scientist to do it Map reduce is the processing arm/engine programming of Hadoop ##Data discovery- when you analyze it; Topic analytics tries to calculate or categorize phrases Text analyst text mining Decision analytics- predictive ana lyst Data visualization- give me a dashboard and tell me what it is doing-it’s a graphic display.


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