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bio 240

by: Delyla Oldham

bio 240

Delyla Oldham
U of L

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About this Document

Class Notes
natural, Life Sciences
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delyla Oldham on Monday August 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at University of Louisville taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views.


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Date Created: 08/01/16
Parchment Transcript Report Prepared for: Delyla Oldham on 06/08/2016 DID#: TZNOEAN Parchment Student ID: 15142003 Page 1 of 1 Jeffrey Harris, Registrar Student Name: Delyla Glynae Oldham Franklin County High School Diploma Type: Advanced or Honors Graduated: 05/26/2016 1100 E Main St Diploma Frankfort, KY 40601-2559 Current Grade Level: Tel: 502-695-6750 Fax: 502-695-6755 Gender: Female Counselor: Phone: Student ID: 1945847661 Building Code: 040 ACT/CEEB Code: 180890 State ID: Ethnic Code: NonHispanic Franklin County Race Code: BlackAfricanAmerican 916 E Main St Student SSN: Frankfort , KY 40601 Date of Birth: 10/14/1997 Tel: (502)695-6700 DISTRICT ID # 181 Address: 601 MONTCLAIR RD FRANKFORT, KY 40601 (502) 8757230 GPA Summary Course Mark Weight Credit Course Mark Weight Credit Cumulative - NonWeighted 3.64 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014 Term 4 Grade FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016 Term 4 Grade Cumulative - Weighted 3.90 10 12 282650 BASIC DRAWING B/90 .50 0.5 Term GPA Class Rank 442250 FRENCH II Pre AP A/99 1.00 1 Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) 22 of 194 520400 PHARMACY A/92 .50 0.5 CALCULATIONS 7.000 5.0 3.57 2.86 Course Mark Weight Credit 530210 ENGLISH II PRE-AP A/92 1.00 1 ELKHORN MIDDLE SCHOOL 2011-2012 Term 4 Grade 08 671150 ALGEBRA II-HONORS A/95 1.00 1 671000 ALGEBRA I A/93 1.00 1 751790 BIOLOGY I PRE-AP A/96 1.00 1 Credit Summary Subject Area Attempted Earned Term GPA 824605 WORLD HISTORY PRE-AP A/97 1.00 1 Cumulative 29.50 29.50 Credits (Weighted) (Unweighted) Term GPA BusinessMarketing 0.50 0.50 1.000 4.00 4.00 Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) EnglishLanguageLiterature 4.00 4.00 6.000 2.0 3.92 3.92 FinePerformingArts 1.00 1.00 ForeignLanguageLiterature 5.00 5.00 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2012-2013 Term 2 Grade 09 HealthCareSciences 5.00 5.00 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2014-2015 Term 4 Grade LifePhysicalSciences 4.00 4.00 585100 HEALTH B/87 .50 0.5 11 Mathematics 5.00 5.00 751713 INTEGSCI I-1st PRE-AP A/96 .50 0.5 100014 IND.STUDY-FOR LANG A/97 1.00 1 Miscellaneous 1.00 1.00 Term GPA 442350 FRENCH III Pre AP A/99 1.00 1 PhysicalHealthSafetyEducation 1.00 1.00 521305 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY A/96 1.00 1 SocialSciencesHistory 3.00 3.00 Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) 1.000 2.0 3.50 3.50 530315 AP ENGLISH III LANGUAGE A/93 1.00 1 Enrollment Summary 670400 PRE-CALCULUS A/95 1.00 1 752120 CHEMISTRY I PRE-AP A/95 1.00 1 Start End Session Grade School 2011-08-08 Term 4 08 ELKHORN MIDDLE FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2012-2013 Term 4 Grade 824300 U S HISTORY A/95 1.00 1 SCHOOL 09 Term GPA 2012-08-082012-12-19Term 2 09 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH 442101 FRENCH I Pre AP A/99 1.00 1 SCHOOL Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) 520100 CAREERS IN HEALTHCARE B/90 1.00 1 7.000 0.0 4.29 4.00 2012-12-202013-05-24Term 4 09 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH 530100 ENGLISH I A/94 1.00 1 SCHOOL 2013-08-072013-12-20Term 2 10 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH 588100 PHYSICAL EDUC.I A/94 .50 0.5 SCHOOL 671201 GEOMETRY PRE-AP A/94 1.00 1 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016 Term 2 Grade 2013-12-212014-06-05Term 4 10 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH 751714 INTEGSCI I 2nd PRE-AP A/98 .50 0.5 12 SCHOOL 827310 GLOBAL STUDIES PRE-AP A/98 1.00 1 280450 IND.STUDY-ART B/87 .50 0.5 2014-08-062015-05-28Term 4 11 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Term GPA Term GPA 2015-08-122015-12-18Term 2 12 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) SCHOOL 6.000 2.5 3.83 3.83 2015-12-192016-05-26Term 4 12 FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH 0.500 0.0 3.00 3.00 SCHOOL FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014 Term 2 Grade FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016 Term 4 Grade 10 12 520500 EMERGENCY A/92 .50 0.5 PROCEDURES 442700 AP FRENCH LANGUAGE A/95 1.00 1 521530 LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS C/82 1.00 1 766980 Business Principles and A/98 .50 0.5 HEALTH SCI Applic 521620 MEDICAID NURSES AIDE B/84 1.00 1 Term GPA 530410 AP ENGLISH IV C/81 1.00 1 Credits Absences (Weighted) (Unweighted) LITERATURE 672505 AP CALCULUS AB C/82 1.00 1 1.000 0.0 4.50 4.00 751350 AP BIOLOGY II B/91 1.00 1 756505 Forensic Science A/96 1.00 1 This Parchment transcript report is official when downloaded directly from the Parchment Exchange website. To verify the validity of the Parchment transcript report, go to, select the Tracking link in the header, and search for DID# TZNOEAN.


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