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Sports Media and Society

by: Shaquira speaks

Sports Media and Society JRLC 3800

Shaquira speaks
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About this Document

These notes are from week 5 and week 6
Sports, Media and Society
Vicki Michaelis
Class Notes




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shaquira speaks on Monday August 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JRLC 3800 at University of Georgia taught by Vicki Michaelis in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Sports, Media and Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 08/01/16
Sports and Politics – Muhammed Ali – Civic Pride in sports and sports integration politics  “If I was the President of the United States, I could no longer talk the things that I talk.” o He’s more free to say what he wants o He speaks for himself, not 300 mil people o Could he speak without repercussion?  Yes, he represented himself  “I’m free. I don’t represent no flag. I don’t represent no government… I’m a free man”  “Politics do matter. I know it matters. I depend on it. My family depends on it.” o Anytime politics was mentioned, he sidestepped and inserted religion on it  “To get this type of interview as a politician. I’ve got to go to school, I’ve got to have votes, I’ve got to build a little city. Now they’re talking to me like the president of the world.” Civil Rights  “I was dead in the middle of the struggle. I’m the first black athlete who can earn $20 mil a year, that’s not controlled by nobody white.”  “Im the first black man who can get on a television show just as this and be free to say anything he wants to say.”  “I don’t get out there and march. I dnot get out there and want to be governor of Chicago. That’s too small. I don’t want to be president of the US. That’s too small.” o Sports crosses all of those line, religion, political o Sports is a common identifier Religion  “Whats the most important thing I can do? Be a minister. Spread the word of God. Forget the man, Forget man’s laws. Forget politics. Work for Allah.”  “I’m not a political man, whatever you want to call it. I’m just a muslim.” o Does sport not cross religious lines?  Tim Tebow knelt down in prayer after each TD but was never fined  Shaquille O’neal is a muslim  Hussain Abdullah knelt down in prayer after a returned interception in the endzone and he was fined  “If I was just Cassius Clay, still a Baptist or a Democrat, I wouldn’t be in Mania. I wouldn’t be in Zaire. I wouldn’t in Iran. I wouldn’t be in Malaysia. I wouldn’t be in these countries. So the religion has made me greater, a more popular boxer.” o His religion motivated him o He’s black Athletes at War  Hank Greeneburg o “If I, as a Jew, hit a homerun, I was hitting one against Hitler. o Lynch pen o Played for the Detroit Tigers o A moment when jewish population was huge in Detroit  Joe Louis o “Joe, we need muscles like yours to beat Germany.” – FDR o Fought Max Schilling  Lost first fight to Schilling  Won the second fight o We were currently in a war with Germany and FDR said this to Joe Louis  Used sports in politics  Pat Tillman o “I don’t want them to parade me through the streets” o Enlisted in the military after 9/11  Killed in 2004 due to friendly fire Sports and Politics (9/16) Two things happening in sports and politics  Russia hacked the worlds anti-doping agency’s records o Revealed records of US athletes o Russian athletes were selectively banned at the Olympics and “across the board” banned in the Paralympics  NCAA pulled out of the state of NC due to the LGBT law (House Bill 2) Building Patriotism  FDR’s “green light letter” o They were trying to stop baseball because of WWI but he wanted to continue it because it was ‘like a state of normalcy’  League was bad … full of replacement guys o All American Girls Baseball League  National Anthem really started being played because of the war  World Trade Center Flag o Flag found at the WTC, tattered o They wanted to wave the flag at the opening ceremonies of ’02 o IOC denied letting them do it, because it would single out that America was the only one in war Highlighting Differences o Middle East – Israel o What happened when two countries that problems with each other, are slated to meet in a match?  They all of a sudden get sick or withdraw  Iranian judo athlete withdrew from competing against an Israeli  Egyptian athlete wouldn’t shake hands with Israeli o China – Taiwan o China thinks Taiwan is a republic of China, Taiwan doesn’t think that o Taiwan flew flag in a public place, but China told IOC to take it down Bridging Divides o Olympic wrestling o Under threat of getting dropped from the events o Iran, Russia and US staged a wrestling competing in Grand Central Station o South African Rugby o Prior to Nelson Mandela, they wouldn’t allow black people on the team o Invictus Sending a message o Marcus Peter’s raised a fist o Raised fist like black power while team locked arms o Ethiopian marathoner o Runner came across the finish line and formed an X with his arms o Brought awareness to govt oppression in his tribe o He planned to do it (guaranteed temporary visa to US) o US delegation for Sochi games o Obama sent gay rights activists over the to send a message  Billie Jean King among some of the few o Olympics boycotts o 1980 – Carter boycotts ’80 games, “we don’t like that you’re in Afghanistan” o Mostly affects athletes, not policy o Munich o Israeli athletes were killed/abducted by Palestinians terrorists o Mexico City o Black athletes win Gold and silver, and raise fists in honor of black panther movements o Sent home Demonstrating Power o Miracle on Ice o We defeated Soviets o Hosting World Cup and Olympics o Countries get put under scrutiny but still want Olympics there  Brazil’s govt was in turmoil  Sewage problem o Putin learned English and French to try and get Olympics to Russia o Olympics medal count o Ice castle o Prostitutes Sports Media and Society The Band that Wouldn’t Die (9/19)  Baltimore Colts snuck out of town and left for Indianapolis  “It was like your wife of 25 years, left you for someone else…”  The bands didn’t even get to get all their stuff from the facility o Uniforms were at the cleaners o Uniforms kept in a mausoleum, deemed the band that wouldn’t die  Colts won Super Bowl against Giants  Isai sent is son to Indy but didn’t remember o Told media that he never went to Phx, Arizona, but the next morning Phx pulled out of negotiations  Band kept morale in the city, while trying to receive a new team  Band stood on the steps of city hall and played the fight song o City council drafted a bill looking for a team o Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and changed their name to the Ravens Sports, Media and Society Civic Pride and identity in sports (9/21) Poll question: Should public money be used to build new stadiums and arenas? Beginnings  Marketing Strategies o When the National League was founded in 1876, teams such as the Cincinnati Reds took on the name of their respective locations  Attracted local fans  Fostered rivalries  Us vs them  Ethnic Community Identity o John C. Sullivan (Irish boxer) o Hanke Greeneburg (Jewish baseball player) o Stan Musia o Joe DiMaggio (Italia baseball player) o Basketball Teams including the Boston Celtics  The Irish Brooklyn Visitations  The Philly Sphas (South philly Hebrews Association) o Company Teams  Detroit Pistons got its name because the city specialized in making pistons in the factory  Players worked for the company Demographic shifts and TV  Post War II, migration south and West created new fan bases and television markets o Atlanta Hawks moved from Milwaukee  As of 1950, less than a dozen teams in the 4 major leagues have moved from 1 city to another. o Since then about 50 relocations o St. Louis Rams left because they didn’t get the new stadium they wanted  Los Angeles was always a bargaining chip for owners to get a new stadium  “Gimmie a new stadium or I’m going to L.A.”  St. Louis is now the new bargaining chip  4 major sports leagues have more than tripled in total number of teams since 1950  “The blimp defense” o footage of the blimp flying over the skyline is often seen o Used to show the city and get people to consider coming there  Regional, teams and conference – based TV networks Some of the moves  1957 – Fort Wayne Pistons  Detroit o Would we have known about Fort Wayne if they didn’t have a pro team there?  1968 – St. Louis Hawks  Atlanta  1984 – Baltimore Colts  Indianapolis Longest Tenure in cities  MLB o Reds (1876) o Phillies (1880) o Pirates (1887)  NHL o Canadiens (1909-10) o Maple Leafs (1916-17) o Bruins (1924-25)  NFL o Bears, Packers (1921) o Eagles, Steelers (1933)  NBA o Celtics, Knicks (1946) The Shadow of Baltimore  Embarrassed city leaders  Jolted fans  Photo of the mayflower van is indelible sports image  No city wants to be another Baltimore  Backdrop for debate over stadium issues The economic debate  Teams and some civic leaders have economic benefits o Can be direct, such as tax revenues and franchises, expenditures  Opponents question whether tax players should support what is technically a private entity o Argue that money should be used towards things like schools and roads.


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