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Week 1a notes

by: KelseyS Notetaker

Week 1a notes THEA-UT 747-001

KelseyS Notetaker
GPA 3.7
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About this Document

These notes cover the first lecture introduction to Egypt cover some key terms
Arab Theatre
Edward Ziter
Class Notes
theatre, Egypt




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KelseyS Notetaker on Thursday August 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THEA-UT 747-001 at New York University taught by Edward Ziter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Arab Theatre in Theatre at New York University.


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Date Created: 08/04/16
9/6 Hekawati- narrator who tells (folk) stories in cairo Baghdad etc in public places, usually from a book, tales of ancient arab heroes or folk tales, individual will take on different characters, voices, roles Rabaab- instrument Carigoes- any street performer Taziya- performed in south Lebanon, martyrdom plays, passion plays, Shiite tradition reproduce deaths of ali and Hassan children of the prophet Muhammad Halqa- ring, performance that happens in a ring of spectators Hlaiqa Nassar The arabs don’t let physical representation no idols, Muhammad prophet did not want to be set up as an idol Figural representation still happened Themes in plays: gender oppression, human rights abuses, tension between heritage and modernity, Arab Israeli conflict Theatre makers trying to create a truly arab distinct theatre form Egypt before/after Nasaar Long history of military defeats nassar opitimizes hope for rebirth of arab pride and idea of arab nation, figure of the artichetect of repeated arab defeats to Israel 1967 war dictator created innefficent apparatus exported it to Syria, revolutionary Ottoman empire seeded in turkey, Egypt under Ottoman control ruling elites were transplated turks everyone was a functionary to the sultan The middle east is central to European politics because of larger map of European rivalries napoleons army only in Egypt for 3 years to cut off british trade routes to india the british eventually force france out of Egypt Methmatalee- Turkish form of Muhammad ali is set up as pasha, tried to cut out his own empire defeated by Europeans since they wanted to prevent other nations from having influence in the area, but his descendants will be rulers of the area Cairo opera house commissioned to write aida for the opening wide boulevards that culminate in a big opera house Ismael borrowed huge amounts of money from europe leads to british invasion of Europe since bankers charging Europe 25% interest on loans so Egypt has to service their debt consume 2/3 of gov revenue go back to Europe forced to sell shares in suez canal now completely belongs to europe ackhmed defense minister creates nationalist faction that resists this plan egyptian officers promise alleiience to Urabi (Ahmed Urabi) birth of party politics in Egypt split between Egyptian officers and turkish commanders 3 group is british merchant class urabi is dismissed by ismael mobs in the street are angry british bomb Alexandria and occupy the state Yakab sanu took the pen name that means the man in the glasses because he wore glasses like abu nadara like 4 eyes but more polite the man in the blue glasses his journals Thomas Cook started during excursion tours to Cairo, first travel agency in Europe sunglasses came into use since british weren’t used to sunlight and they were blue so everyone was wearing blue sunglasses The name of the glasses stopped being him and started referring to Ismael because he wore the blue sunglasses so when he switched his newspaper to that name it was a dig at Ismael saying he wasn’t one of us hes a European The pasha doesn’t represent us Sykes-picot: agreement between allies in ww1 which said which countries got which parts of the ottoman empire Wafd party- delegation, crushed but a popular uprising demanding independence from Egypt King appoints 2/5 of parliament and the king answers to the british Separate legal system for crimes involving foreigners Egyptians cant run a business without foreign participation Being an Egyptian in Egypt marks you as a second class citizen during this time Dependent on cotton, if the price of cotton drops people stave, cotton is egypt’s main export Muslim brotherhood, young Egypt coalition (fascists), communists 1948 war defeat of arab army which creates the state of Israel and downfall of Egypt nasaar comes to power nasaar outlawed the muslim brotherhood party mubarick allowed some of their members to have limited political roles, trying to co-opt them after 2011 theres an election no organized political parties so morsee is elected and he comes into power and fires heads of libraries and replaces them w members of the muslim brotherhood, secularists are worried el cc stages a coo hes a general, and the intellectuals are silent cc is cracking down on the secularists many people support him


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