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Early America History

by: Cecelia Dean

Early America History 14477

Marketplace > Kent State University > History > 14477 > Early America History
Cecelia Dean
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About this Document

These are the notes for Week 5.
Early America: From Pre-colonization to Civil War and Reconstuction
Stephanie M. Vincent
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cecelia Dean on Friday August 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 14477 at Kent State University taught by Stephanie M. Vincent in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Early America: From Pre-colonization to Civil War and Reconstuction in History at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 08/05/16
The Road to Revolution I. Unrest A. Britain - Lord Frederick North o Repeals taxes on everything except tea - Anyone found guilty of anything would be sent to England to be tried o No trial by jury or peers - All 13 colonies needed to unite= better communication - Committees of Correspondence o To spread news throughout all the colonies - 1773= Parliament mad no one is paying the tax o Colonists getting tea from Dutch - Tea Act (1773) o Designed to cut down on smuggling o Actually lowered price on tea - Response? o Colonists can’t boycott- tea is too important o Can’t make it in America o So they harassed sellers B. So Boston - Thomas Hutchinson= governor of Mass. - British ships held 90,000 cases of tea in the Boston harbor which Hutchinson wouldn’t let leave o Wanted the Boston citizens to pay the tax - Dec. 20, 1773= 100-150 Sons of Liberty dumped tea into the harbor o Boston Tea Party o A loud act - Parliament is pissed C. Britain Respond - Parliament passes Coercive or Intolerable Acts 1. Close Boston Harbor a. Entire economy is crippled 2. Rewrites Charters of Massachusetts a. Parliament has complete power of colony b. Strips Bostonians from political power i. No “House of Burgesses” c. No assembly unless previously approved 3. Any British soldier who commits a crime against colonists is tried in England a. Pretty much can do whatever they want. b. Too much of a hassle to get them back to England 4. Increase Army in America a. New governor is General Thomas Gage - Lord North wanted Mass. cut off from other 12 colonies - Nope! o Other colonies ensure that Mass. isn’t completely crippled  Send food and supplies o Locals also rebel - Military response o Local militias assemble at moment’s notice II. Americans Consider Revolution A. 1 Continental Congress - Sept. 1774= couldn’t just talk about revolution, must DO something - 12/13 colonists attend come to Philly to respond to Intolerable Acts o Georgia didn’t come  Said they agreed with whatever delegates decided o Want to be British citizens o A message to Parliament  Will stop boycotting and rebelling if they give them their rights o Agree to a boycott throughout all 13 colonies o John Adams  Wrote Declaration of Rights and Grievances  Colonies agree to regulate trade and stop boycotts if Parliament grants them the rights of a regular British citizen o Sam Adams  Added a PS  Members of colonies can take up arms against crown and fight B. Boston prepares for War - Sons of Liberty= Patriots - Men meet at the same time, same place randomly o Not an assembly just all these men happen to be there at the same time ;) - Ammo is stocked in Concord - Riders ready to share news of call people to arms - King orders Gage to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock - April 18, 1775- Gage marches toward Concord to get Sam and John and destroy ammo o 2 lanterns are hung in church= means Redcoats are coming across water o Paul Revere takes north route to Concord  Gets captured and Dr. Sam Prescott takes over o William Dawes takes south route C. “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” - To get to Concord, had to pass through Lexington - Army finds themselves facing militia - A shot rang out o Militia wouldn’t move o 8 dead, 9 hurt - Concord had hidden themselves and ammo o British find a ghost town o Burnt liberty tree o Minutemen chase army back to Boston  73 dead, 26 missing REVOLUTION III. Independence A. 2ndContinental Congress - May 1775 - King had seized all American ships o Blockade (act of war) - What are we fighting for? o Radical? / Independent? o If they do declare independence= treason B. Independence Helpers - Thomas Paine o Common Sense - Committee sets up draft to King - John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, o Thomas plagiarized Locke into Declaration of Independence  Accept and sign on July 2  Publicly accept on July 4 FREE AND INDEPENDENT


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