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US and International Healthcare

by: Cameron Hiltner

US and International Healthcare PUBHHMP 4650

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Public Health > PUBHHMP 4650 > US and International Healthcare
Cameron Hiltner
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

These notes cover the first 3/4 of the course
US & International Healthcare
Naomi Adaniya
Class Notes
Public, health, health insurance
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cameron Hiltner on Friday August 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PUBHHMP 4650 at Ohio State University taught by Naomi Adaniya in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see US & International Healthcare in Public Health at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 08/05/16
US and International healthcare 8/5/16 11:20 PM Quality of healthcare (9-22-15) • Adverse effect o Causes injury to a patient that is separate from initial condition o Multifactorial § Overlap of system errors and human errors ú Corporate issues, poor communication, poor documentation and staffing ú Skill issues, knowledge issues ú Fatigue errors • Institute of health improvement o Began in 80’s o Very complicated o Cost limit • Preventable/avoidable adverse events o Surgical errors § Wrong site, patient, procedure § Retained surgical items (sponges, scissors) § Most doctors know which case they messed up § ¼ of orthopedic surgeons over the course of their career report having done a wrong site surgery § surg errors reported as low as 10% of the time ú very low reporting rate o Medication errors § Administering or taking incorrect meds § Costs $3.5 billion per year for med errors § Wrong dose, wrong drug, known allergy § Causes: ú Inadequate drup information ú Incomplete pt info o Healthcare-acquired infections § Infections at surg site, catheter-acquired infections § Pneumonia § GI illness ú C diff § UTI ú Infection involving any part of urinary system ú CAUTI • Catheter induced UTI’s § Surg site infection ú Tissues,organs, skin ú Get lots of antibiotics after surg ú Fairly common § Bloodstream infections ú Sepsis and septicemia ú Caused by central line ú Declined by over 50% since 2001 but still major problem ú 1 in 4 who get a bloodstream infection die o Trauma § Falls, burns ú 2-7 falls per 1,000 pt days ú 30% of falls have injury ú medicare will not pay anymore o Care delivery § DVT, readmission, ulcers § 30 days post discharge from the same hospital § unexpected worsening of disease • diagnostic errors o missed diagnosis o delayed o common in outpatient • Adverse events statistics o 6/7 hospital based errors go unreported o health affairs: track patient safety, voluntary reporting, agency for healthcare research and quality’s patient safety information Chris Lecture Environmental Awareness • Environmental Scanning o Surveillance of a firm’s external environment to predict environmental changes and detect changes already underway • Environmental monitoring o Tracks the evolution of environmental changes or sequences • Competitive Intelligence o Defines and provides understanding of their industry and identification of rivals strengths and weaknesses o Can quickly lead to breaking ethical boundaries Forecasting • Environmental forecasting o Using environmental scans, monitoring, and CI to develop plausible o General environment • Factors external to the industry that have a dramatic effect on a firm’s strategy o Demographic o Sociocultural o Political/legal o Technological o Economic o Global • Demographic o Genetic and observable characteristics of population, including the levels and growth of age, density, sex, race, ethnicity, education, geographic region, and income § Ex. Aging population • Sociocultural o Factors external to the industry that have a dramatic effect on lifestyles o Values, beliefs, and lifestyles of a society § Ex. Vaccinating children • Political/legal o How society creates and exercises power including rules, laws, and taxation policies § Ex. Affordable care act • Technology o Innovation and state of knowledge in industraial arts, engineering, applied sciences, and pure science, and their interaction with society • Economic o Characteristics of the economy, including national income and monetary conditions • Global o Influences from foreign countries, including foreign market opportunities, foreign-based competition, and expanded capital markets § Ebola Competitive environment • Porters Five-force model o The threat of new entrants o Bargaining power of buyers o Bargaining power of suppliers o Threat of substitute products and service o Intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry • Threat of new entrants o Economies of scale o Product differentiation o Capital requirements o Switching costs o Access to distribution channels o Cost disadvantages independent of scale • Bargaining power of buys o Threat that buyers may force down prices, bargain for higher quality or more services and play competitors against each other o Buyer group is strong when: § Purchases large volumes relative to seller sales § Porducts are standard or undifferentiated § Buyers face few switching costs § Buyers pose credible threat of backward integration • Intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry o Threat that customer will switch their business to competitors within the industry o 8/5/16 11:20 PM 8/5/16 11:20 PM


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