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Notes for First Film Quiz - Outsourced

by: Francine Gambeski

Notes for First Film Quiz - Outsourced GEOG 1014

Francine Gambeski
Virginia Tech

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About this Document

Detailed Film Notes
World Regions
John Boyer
Class Notes
Film, Geology, India, Culture, outsourced, job
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Francine Gambeski on Saturday August 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1014 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by John Boyer in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see World Regions in Geology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


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Date Created: 08/06/16
Outsourced Monday, August 31, 2015 9:10 PM I. Introduction a. Globalization trends b. Released in 2006 i. Spawned a televisionseries c. Outsourced- "offshoring"; when a business takes a componentof its business process and pushes it outside of its own control, someoneelse does another part of the business i. i.e. customerservice, manufacturing ii. Why? 1) To make more money,it is cheaper, faster, less environmentallaws, cheaper taxes, etc. iii. Today we think: 1) Moving to another country a) Not necessarily, can be used to describe a governmentservice (now a private company does it) i) i.e. garbage collection iv. World economy v. It is not a new phenomenon,but it has only just come into vocabulary since the 2004 election 1) Taking jobs away from the United States 2) Loss of American manufacturing, companies d. Takes place in Mumbai, India i. The capital is New Delhi ii. Mumbai is on the west coast iii. Used to be called Bombay 1) Named by the British 2) Major international trading port 3) Last 20 years they revertedback to their old names a) Nationalism 4) 2nd most populated metropolitanplaces in India a) Most populated city b) 5th most populous in the world c) 19-20 million i) NYC, Tokyo size iv. Wealthiest city in India 1) Commercial 2) Entertainmenthub a) Bollywood v. Top 10 centers of commerce vi. Geography 1) Manhattan like a) Pieces b) City center 2) Movietakes place in the more rural Mumbai 3) Gharapuri a) Little island i) Bay b) Village- uncertain e. Culture i. Fish out of water scenario i. Fish out of water scenario ii. Namaste 1) Greeting 2) Goodbye iii. Holy 1) Spring festival 2) Festival of colors 3) No exact date a) Lunar based b) February or march 4) End of winter, arrival of spring iv. Temples, gods, Hinduism (way of life, not a religion) 1) Mostly Indian tradition 2) Polytheistic? a) Maybe 3) Shiva, Christina 4) Kali a) The destroyer v. Kamasutra 1) Ancient Hindu text 2) How-to sex guide 3) Portion is specifically on practices and positions for sex 4) Monkeypulls the turnip f. Watch for: i. Personal space ii. Public displays of affection? iii. Idea of love iv. Practice of marriage II. Outsourced - Film a. Characters i. Todd Anderson b. Personal space c. Public displays of affection d. Idea of love e. Religious i. Figures 1) Kali - the destroyer a) On bedroomwall f. Practice of marriage i. People get married young 1) "old enough to be a grandfather" ii. Marry for money g. Kamasutra h. Culture i. Food 1) Gola makes you ill ? a) Foreigners b) Ice pops c) Often made with contaminatedwater 2) Eating with the wrong hand a) Eat with right b) Left is for cleaning 3) Tons of sugar a) English colony a) English colony ii. Cows walking down the middle of the city 1) Cow in office 2) Apparently animals run free? iii. People peeing in street iv. Dirty city 1) Dry laundry from windows 2) Wash laundry outside, publicly i. Language i. Indian man asks what shmuk means, redneck ii. Mr. Toad 1) Good name j. Business i. Accent training ii. Money is worth way more iii. Women doing hard work iv. "invest in India" v. Out of real-estate 1) Office in the middle of nowhere k. Homes i. Toilet in the ground III. Conclusion a. He learns more from them then they learn from him


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