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by: Jez Notetaker
Jez Notetaker


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jez Notetaker on Monday August 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at El Paso Community College taught by in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 08/08/16
Causes and Courses of US Mexican War. 1846-48 Causes: 1) Belief in Manifest Destiny 2) Texas 1: America believed in the ‘manifest destiny’. This was a common belief that the United States had the G-d given right to expand the country from “sea to shining sea”. American’s believed that G-d wanted them to tame the west and expand, without taking into consideration that most of the west was either Indian land, or property of the Mexican government (New Mexico, Utah, California ext.) 2: During the 1830s, Mexico needed immigrants to populate the Texas territory (It was part of Mexico at that time). Mexico thus, gave land and citizenship to Anglo Americans to live in Texas as long as they swore loyalty to Mexico and converted to Catholicism. However, these Anglos (“White people”) were protestant and indifferent to Catholicism, Spanish and Mexican ways of life. So These Anglos who were called Texans along with Tejanos (Mexican decent Texans) revolted against Mexico and created the nation of Texas. This country (Texas) was never recognized by the Mexican government but was recognized by the U.S. After some years, the Nation of Texas joined in union with the United States of America (1845). However, Mexico still saw Texas as part of Mexico. In short: Mexico wants people to populate its northern territory (Texas 1830s). White Americans come, and promise to act like Mexicans. White people rebel and create their own country (Republic of Texas 1836-1845). Texas is bankrupted and has to join the United States of America (Becomes a state 1845). Mexico still thinks Texas is part of Mexico, America says it’s a state. War breaks out in 1846. This war justifies “Manifest Destiny” because this war enables the U.S to take most of the continent. I have to go now. But I’ll try and explain the “Courses” of the war when I have time. But take into consideration that these are the two main ‘causes’. 1) America believes they should eventually take the entire continent “from sea to shining sea” (But Mexico owns most of it). 2) Texas is the opportunity for that, because it justifies a war to gain the rest of the continent.


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