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environmental science 101 week 1 notes

by: karen szwed

environmental science 101 week 1 notes environmental science 101

Marketplace > College of Southern Nevada > Science > environmental science 101 > environmental science 101 week 1 notes
karen szwed
GPA 3.88

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About this Document

date lecture notes
environmental science
Class Notes
Science, plants
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by karen szwed on Monday August 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to environmental science 101 at College of Southern Nevada taught by einsteain in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see environmental science in Science at College of Southern Nevada.


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Date Created: 08/08/16
I. - I am proud to say -I’m sure I’m -Sugar might still -But the feeling II. -By the end -Look at the sugar you’re about III. –You might be thinking -yeah well that's what I use to -At one point in my life -I was so fascinated -Now I have the perfect excuse to Transition: let us begin with uncovering the sugary blin Body I. -Open your eyes and -It’s no secret -If you didn’t know, you -but do you really A. The website article “How Much Sugar Are You Really Eating Everyday.” -22.2 everyday 1. Both WHO AHA -fraction - 3,5,9 - These bags should not -That’s embarrasing -15 according to a 2014 proques article. 2.When you eat up to 10-20% - the following are problems described by Sola Ogundipe author of “Reasons Why Sugar Destroys Your Health.” a. If a little bit -glycogen -energy -if a lot -overloads -forcing it to turn -eventualy cholesterol b. Also, not only can it cause diabetes -but since essesive -its one of the main c. There is also evidence --metabolism - people who eat - have a higher B. So why -the answer -sugar found in junk food -releases -than -for that reason Transition: The following things to eat or avoid might help a lot if you’re amped to stop eating added sugar, but you just don’t really know how. II. The first step is to avoid - added sugar isn’t - it’s surprising - A. Hollis Templeton, author of “10 Surprising Foods That List Sugar As The First Ingredient,” lists the following products as the ones you should avoid 1. Theres always products that you would have probably -like 2. There is also the other products a. Energy bars -it’s upsetting -label might not list -brown rice syrup b. Matcha -on its own -but so many brands -Most times when you buy a c. The most shocking one -I use to purchase -0.7 grams vs. 2 grams. B. If you believe that sugary things are a must have in your life, at least try to switch it to honey. The following honey facts can be found in “Health Benefits of Honey” by Iran Daily. 1. Honey is composed - magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulfur, iron, and phosphate 2.It also has vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5, copper, iodine and zin 2. Energy/endurance/reduces muscle fatigue 4. regularly. -Calcium absorption -anemia 5. bad cholesterol honey decreases 6. Expectorant/ soothing properties 7. modulates immune system/ accelerates metabolism Transition: This doesn’t mean stop eating sugar all together; your body does need it, but let me show you all the positive things that could happen when you reduce your added sugar intake. III. when you limit -not only stop diseases -receive amazting -zits/brain fog according to the website author Templeton. A. Stopping excessive -clear up -this is because B. Also, do you know that feeling -tired -can’t focus - forget -Templeton says that “a diet high in sugar hinders learning and memory. This is because eating lots of sugar over time will damage communication among brain cells. Transition: Take those step and have the experience of being sugar independent; let’s review why you should take those steps. Conclusion. I. We, as Americans, eat way -bad bc health issues -to prevent -replace if you could never -Apart from preventing -zit/brain fog annihilating II. So I ask -quit the sugar addiction for your own - Doest take -Start out small -Every week -if you don’t think it -I’ve shown you the facts, I've taught you the tricks, now do the best decision for you.


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