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Fake notes

by: Elizabeth Palmatier

Fake notes GEO 1030

Elizabeth Palmatier
The U

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About this Document

Fake notes
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Dr. Bradbury
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Palmatier on Wednesday August 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 1030 at University of Utah taught by Dr. Bradbury in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views.


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Date Created: 08/10/16
100 Possible Characters (keep in mind that some may not work according to the timeframe of the story) 1. Baker 2. Prostitute 3. Pregnant Mother 4. Nanny 5. Scholar 6. Slave 7. Explorer 8. Priest 9. Nun 10. Town Drunk 11. Thief 12. Tourist 14. Wizard 15. Schizophrenic Beggar 16. Orphan 17. Town Pervert 18. Student 19. Animal lover 20. Missionary 21. Teacher 22. Spy 23. Human Trafficker 24. Slave 25. Milkmaid 26. Carpenter 27. Executer 28. Grandmother 29. Cranky Child (only works if you are very small) 30. Blind Man/Woman 31. Someone who doesn’t speak the language 32. Assassin 33. Hunter 34. Sheppard 35. Midwife 36. Plummer 37. Nobility 38. Professional Fighter 39. Person who thinks they’re smart but really isn’t 40. Guy with the serious ADHD problem 41. Librarian 42. Witch Hunter 43. Farmer 44. Drug Dealer 45. Black Market Professional 46. Gossiping old Lady 47. Hippie 48. Town Ditz 49. Boy Crazy 50. Horny Teenager (not to be confused with town perv) 51. Cat Lady 52. Cloth Weaver 53. Time Traveler 54. Poker Champion 55. The Girl/Boy who knows She’s/He’s Sexy 56. Someone’s Stalker 57. Cancer Patient 58. Cripple 59. Texting Addict 60. Nerd 61. Jock 62. Cheerleader 63. Charity Worker 64. Jailbird 65. Coffee Addict 66. Drug Addict 67. Musician 68. Gangster 69. The Wannabe Gangster 70. Photographer 71. Artist 72. Pottery Artist 73. Antisocial Weirdo 74. Teacher’s Pet 75. Singer 76. Stereotype Thespian (just don’t do this in real life or someone might want to eat you) 77. Counselor 78. Shrink 79. Holy Man 80. Writer 81. Murderer 82. The Couple that everyone feels uncomfortable around (keep in mind you need two people for this or things get awkward….) 83. The one with a Cold 84. The Slut 85. The Gentleman 86. The Deaf one 87. Siblings with Strong Rivalries 88. The Follower 89. The Fashion Diva 90. The Everything is About Me Diva 91. The Paralyzed Individual 92. The Chick who’s ‘PMS’ing 93. The Garbage Man 94. The Outcast 95. The Depressed Soul 96. Knight in Shining Armor 97. The Hag 98. The Hobbit 99. The Elf 100. The Crazy Possessed One


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