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by: Alexandria Bolduc

PHYSICS 101 WEEK 1 Physics 101

Alexandria Bolduc

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandria Bolduc on Thursday August 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Physics 101 at University of Rhode Island taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see CONCEPTS IN MOTION in Physics at University of Rhode Island.


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Date Created: 08/11/16
University of Rhode Island University housing: This document has been created by PBdorm & PBteen using information available to the public. It was not created by your school. Please contact your school for up to date residence hall guidelines. SLEEP & REST What to Bring Don’t Bring Sheets – recommend 2-3 sets X Mattress protector X Mattress pad or topper X Comforter X Duvet and duvet insert X Bed pillow inserts and protectors X Blanket / Throw X Bed risers X Decorative pillow covers and inserts X No-nails decorative headboard X Waterbed X Alarm clock X SHOWER & BATH What to Bring Don’t Bring Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths– recommend 2-3 sets X Bathrobe and shower shoes or flip flops X Shower caddy X Toiletry and make-up/beauty bags X Make-up or shaving mirror X Hair dryer X Electric curling iron and/or straightening iron X Electric razor X Electric toothbrush X If room has attached bathroom – shower curtain/rings, bath mat, soXp dish/dispenser, tissue box cover ORGANIZE & DECORATE What to Bring Don’t Bring Under-the-bed storage containers X Storage bins – multiples in various sizes X Hanging closet/sweater/shoe organizers X End of bed organizer X Dorm trunk X No-nails pin board / calendar X Wall decals for décor statement and/or calendar X Picture frames X Wall safe adhesive (3M) – for hanging things on your walls withoutXnails Over-the-door mirror/organizer X First aid kit, small sewing kit, tool kit, flashlight/batteries X Umbrella X Shop online at LAUNDRY & CLEANING What to Bring Don’t Bring Laundry bag, basket, or sorter X Laundry supplies X Portable drying rack X Iron with auto shut off & steamer X Cleaning supplies, broom, dustpan X Hand vacuum X Wastebasket / trash bags X STUDY & READ What to Bring Don’t Bring Task lamp / light bulbs X Desk organizers – pencil cup, paper storage trays, computer/laptopXshelf Lap desk / bed desk X Surge protectors / power strips X Extension cords X Halogen lamps X LOUNGE AROUND What to Bring Don’t Bring Foldable lounge seating and/or beanbags X Area rugs X Throw blankets X Toss pillows / floor cushions X Stereo / Bluetooth speakers / headphones X Flameless candles (battery operated) X Candles / incense X Space heaters/ Air-conditioners X Fan X EAT & DRINK What to Bring Don’t Bring Mini fridge (check size restrictions) X Water pitcher X Coffee maker (with automatic shut-off) X Plates, bowls, eating utensils X Hot water dispenser (check with your school) X X Food storage containers X Microwave oven (check size restrictions) X Heating/open coil appliances (e.g. hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens) X YOUR SCHOOL PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING: Bed & mattress size: Twin Twin XL X Full Dresser X Wardrobe / closet X Desk / desk chair X Overhead lighting X Mirror Window coverings X Cable TV Internet access X Carpeting Shop online at


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