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by: Himani Modi

Tester 377

Himani Modi

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About this Document

Just initial tester
Basic Stat Exer Sci
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Himani Modi on Friday August 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 377 at Rutgers University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Basic Stat Exer Sci in 275 at Rutgers University.


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Date Created: 08/12/16
I Ancient Persian Empire a Religion of the Ancient Persian Empire until the 7th Century A.D b After they were converted to Islam i After the Muslim Occupation b Persia today is Iran c The profit of this religion is Zoroaster (it is called Zarathushtra in the Persian language) i He lived before thousand B.C. b They believed in many Gods c Zoroaster integrated his ideas to One God i He is called Ahura Mazda 1 He is the God of Goodness and Purity 2 He created everything in the universe b Zoroaster also believe that Evil existed there was the power of EVIL i It was called Angra Mainyu b The GOOD and EVIL spirits are fighting each other in the world c Dualistic Religion d All should follow Mazda (Good) and the power of Good will ultimately have to conquer the power of EVIL e Believe that human beings are made up of soul f Soul continues to live after death g People who perform good actions will have a positive afterlife and those who are bad in this world will have a negative afterlife h First religion that introduced reborn or punishment in afterlife II Death/Afterlife a Teaches that after death there is judgment b Based on the totality of ones actions in this life i If there is more good than bad, then after judgment there will be an award 1 They can go to Heaven ii If there is more bad than good, then you will be punished 1 They can go to Hell b Judgment i After death souls are sent to heaven (upwards) ii They have to cross a bridge (Chinwat Bridge) iii Souls with more good, when they reach the bridge, the bridge widens and they can cross over iv Souls with more bad, when they reach the bridge, the bridge narrows, and the souls cannot cross and they fall down to Hell b What is Heaven? i It is called The House of Heavenly Song ii Also called Paradise 1 The word Paradise originates from Persians 2 Paraidaeza (Persian words for Paradise) It means an enclosed place b What is Hell? i It is called The House of Lies b They do not believe that the Gods choose where they go in the afterlife, but it is their own actions that send them to Heaven or Hell. c The separation of the immortal soul from the body i The body becomes very polluted after this happens ii Becomes the dwelling place of demons iii It cannot be buried, cremated or thrown into the sea because it will pollute where it goes II Where to Bury the Dead?? a The Tower of Silence b Circular walled building where bodies are taken c Taken to the top of the tower d The bodies are left to be eaten by vultures e Only bones are left to be cleansed and bleached from exposure from the Sun f All bones are gathered together and are placed in the central pit of the tower. g Here the bones crumble into dust II At the end of the Universe that the universe will reach a state of perfection a Freshokeseti is what they call this b The dead will be resurrected c Evil is gone d Everyone will live in immortality e They don’t believe in eternal Hell f People in Hell will be resurrection from Hell when the Universe renews


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