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First Upload of Notes

by: Scarlett Hutchins

First Upload of Notes 101

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > CME > 101 > First Upload of Notes
Scarlett Hutchins

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About this Document

Sample upload for training
Into to Chemical Engineering
Dr. Dziubla
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Scarlett Hutchins on Friday August 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101 at University of Kentucky taught by Dr. Dziubla in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Into to Chemical Engineering in CME at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 08/12/16
These answers should give you at least an 18 out of 20 on the Quiz as of Spring 2016! Let me know if you have any questions though! As of Fall 2014, Intramural entry fees have been eliminated however, a forfeit fee has been instated. If a team forfeits a game during the regular or playoff season, the captain will be responsible for paying the $20 forfeit fee PRIOR TO the next scheduled game. TRUE Forfeit Fees must be paid by 3:00pm of the next scheduled game day and can ONLY be paid in the Johnson Center Administrative office (NEVER at game site!) The forfeit fee only applies to the following: 5-on-5 Basketball and Dodgeball tournament. TRUE Any team or individual knowing may DEFAULT (receive a loss for their game) if they contact the Intramural Office no less than one (1) hour before their scheduled game FALSE: before 3pm Current and former professional athletes are eligible to participate in the same or related intramural sport in which they played as a professional. FALSE UK varsity players are ineligible to participate in related Intramural Sports for at least two (2) full semesters, not counting summer session, from the last semester they competed. TRUE An intramural team is allowed a maximum of three (3) current sports club members on their roster. FALSE: only 2 An intramural participant may play on more than (2) coed, men's or women's teams in the same sport. FALSE: only 1 All participants are required to present their valid UK student, Faculty, Staff or BCTC ID to enter and participate in all UK intramural events. TRUE All intramural participants are required to create an account on before participation. TRUE Intramural schedules will be given out over the phone even though they are available online on and posted in the Bernard M. Johnson Student Recreation Center in the Intramural Hallway. FALSE A player must have played in half of the regular season games to participate in playoffs. FALSE: Only have to be checked into 1 game New players may be added to a roster during playoffs. FALSE: Must play in 1 regular season game Jewelry may be worn during intramural events FALSE As of Spring 2015, any captain or team representative that knows their team cannot make a scheduled game may DEFAULT (receive a loss for their game and no sportsmanship penalty) if they complete the online Intramural Sports Default Form by 3:00pm the day of their scheduled game. TRUE For team sports, if a team is not prepared to play with the required minimum number of players at game time, the 15 minute rule will be applied (examples: basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, wiffleball, soccer.) FALSE: 10 minute rule Players may not participate under an assumed name (use an ID that isn't theirs or play as someone else.) TRUE Once a player checks in for a game on a team's roster, the player is "locked" into that team's roster TRUE Four (4) unsporting technical fouls, on a team in a single contest will result in a forfeit. TRUE A team representative (player, non-player, captain, coach, manager, spectator, anyone who represents the team) who shows poor sportsmanship is subject to ejection from that intramural contest or future contests. TRUE Any team representative ejected from an intramural contest must meet with the Intramural Ejection Board to be considered for reinstatement. TRUE A team must maintain a "B" (3.0) sportsmanship average throughout a tournament or playoffs to advance. TRUE


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