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Notes about SUV and Propaganda

by: Joseph DeSantis

Notes about SUV and Propaganda ENG106

Marketplace > Iowa State University > ENG106 > Notes about SUV and Propaganda
Joseph DeSantis

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About this Document

Analysis of SUV article from textbook and the use of propaganda and its qualities.
English Composition II
Damon Schneider
Class Notes
english composition, English/Journalism
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joseph DeSantis on Friday August 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG106 at Iowa State University taught by Damon Schneider in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.

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Date Created: 08/12/16
DESANTIS 1 Joseph DeSantis Composition II 8/1/2016 Reader Response 2 I believe Ellen Goodman’s article on SUV’s in an example of propaganda. It propagates the idea that SUV manufacturers are projecting an image that your driving experience will be ideal, you will cruise down an unclogged highway, then take an off ramp to a dirt road where you will seamlessly glide over stumps, mud and rocks and then your wife and good looking children will pop out of the car and seamlessly set up camp, far from reality (for most). Goodman does give some examples such as “2000 deaths are a year are caused by high weight vehicles”. She does not provide a source but it is fairly logical if a Cadillac Escalade collides with a Honda Civic, the results would be worse for the civic. Goodman does provide fair and logical evidence, but one cannot blame the car companies for providing what the consumers wish to purchase, many cars failed that were supposedly innovative. The SUV was just a reflection of the times, where people craved security. Source: Writing Now With 2009 Mla And 2010 Apa Updates Shaping Words And Images by Odell, Lee, Katz, Susan M. Composition II 8/1/2016 MATERIALS I chose the article that Ellen Goodman wrote in our textbook. I do not quite understand the title of her article, “SUV’s belong in car ad’s only”, is she implying that it should be for comparison reason, for MPG examples, or size example. Her article definitely has strong emotional appeal. As she is appealing to the reader’s sense of security, which for most people is something they can be insecure about. For instance, someone who has a big house, that they are proud of, a friend might say “Yes, you have a very lovely house but a pool or a deck would suit it better”. This bring all the things that the home owner could improve about their home and all the things that might be subpar, this is similar to what Goodman is doing in the article. Overall I do agree with her opinion, SUV’s do provide a false sense of well-being and security. No matter what car you have, accidents can happen, even off the road. So she is correct in asserting that the SUV manufacturers are using emotional appeal. Source: Writing Now With 2009 Mla And 2010 Apa Updates Shaping Words And Images by Odell, Lee, Katz, Susan M.


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