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Study Guide for Tsomo

by: Imani Stubbs

Study Guide for Tsomo

Marketplace > Spelman College > > Study Guide for Tsomo
Imani Stubbs


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About this Document

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Imani Stubbs on Monday August 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Spelman College taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 08/15/16
1REL111: Introduction to the Study of Religion ~ Grading Rubric for Study Guides In the text on-line green highlighting = grammar, usage, construction errors; pink highlighting = punctuation, spelling, mechanics problems; yellow highlighting = exclusive language, or other issues. Your Title: Family, Monastery, and Gender Justice : 2.5 points 2 points 1 points 0 points Reenvisioning Buddhist Institutions by Karma Lekshe Tsomo Instructor’s Comment: Grade = Exceptional Meets Expectations Approaches Below Expectations Expectations Terms Multiplicity – Includes title Includes title; Improperly executed Does not include Ordination – identifying the specific identifies and defines title; does not include title; does not Sentient – reading and new terms, phrases. definitions. identify or define Monasticism – statement about new new terms. Laity – terms or phrases. Main The author argues that although there is a blatant Accurately identifies Accurately identifies Indicates a focus, not Inaccurately Argument gender bias in Buddhist texts and societies, the main argument; main argument of main argument; main identifies main teachings of Buddhism can be used to fix what synthesis of argument the text. argument less clearly, argument; seems to be a learned gendered attitude amongst is comprehensive. less precisely identified. inaccurately Asian societies. Tsomo states “the Buddha’s identifies focus of the teachings present a viable theoretical framework for text. spiritual and social transformation that not only empowers women, but also provides a useful perspective for addressing gender discrimination.” 1 Agreement In the text, Tsomo states that she uses terms like Clearly and Includes point of Less clear statement of, Does not identify “gender imbalance” and “gender equality” instead thoughtfully includes agreement; explains reason for agreement; point of agreement; of “gender oppression” and “gender injustice” point of agreement reason for reason for agreement does not indicate because although the latter occur in Buddhist and explains why. agreement. based on opinion; reason for societies, the terms imply conscious effort in doing engages practices, agreement. so. I agree in her efforts to make the reader beliefs, practitioners, understand that what happens in Buddhist secondary source. communities is not always a deliberate and conscious attempt to subjugate women within Buddhism. Disagreem Clearly and Includes point of Less clear statement of, Does not identify ent thoughtfully includes disagreement; reason for point of point of disagreement explains reason for disagreement; reason disagreement; does and explains why. disagreeing. for disagreement based not indicate reason on opinion; engages for disagreement. practices, practitioners, beliefs, secondary source. 1  2  Method Insightful, proper Properly applies Properly applies Grasp of disciplinary application of disciplinary disciplinary scholarship scholarship not disciplinary scholarship by by identifying method(s) evident; does not scholarship by identifying method(s) used; less clear appropriately identify identifying method(s) used and clearly explanation of why method(s) used; used and including explaining why method(s) is(are) does not explain why nuanced explanation method(s) is(are) selected. method(s) is/are of why method(s) selected. selected. is(are) selected. Author’s The author holds the value of gender equality in Clearly and Indicates a value the Identification of a value A value, commitment value Buddhism very close to her writing. She explicitly thoughtfully indicates author holds and the author holds or of the author is not details how it begins and what can be done using a value the author indicates its reason for identifying a included. A reason the teachings of Buddhism in order to lead to a holds and explains derivation from the particular value is less for identifying the more non-gender biasedness in Buddhism and its how this is derived reading. clearly articulated. author’s value is not leadership. from the text. given. Comment Provides a thoughtful, Provides a comment Comment on the text is No comment on the nuanced comment on on the text. less clear. text, or comment is the text. not related to the reading. Inclusive Easily and deftly Consistently uses Uses gender inclusive Uses exclusive Language integrates use of gender inclusive language unevenly; language. gender inclusive language. makes exclusionary language. gender assumptions. Mechanics All mechanical and Mechanics and Mechanics and Excessive and construction elements construction are well construction less well grammatical and Constructi of writing are well executed with three executed; repeated construction errors. on executed. or fewer errors. grammar and construction errors. Footnotes Includes appropriately Includes Chicago- Includes Chicago-style Chicago-style formatted Chicago- style humanities humanities footnote for humanities footnotes style humanities footnote for (1) a only (1) a direct quote are not found. footnote for (1) a direct quote and (2) OR (2) a direct quote and (2) a a paraphrase/idea; paraphrase/idea; paraphrase or idea footnote formatting footnote formatting is reference. is incomplete. incorrect.


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